Miley Cyrus' Latest Shower Selfies Are Her Most Revealing Ones Yet (PHOTOS)

Someone needs to explain to Miley Cyrus that the purpose of taking a shower is to simply wash one's body, towel dry, and be done with it. The actress/singer's Instagram account has basically become an outlet for her to show off what she looks like before and after her showers -- I'm sure a pic of her actually IN the shower is coming up next. Well, folks, each time she takes one of these near-nude selfies, Miley ups the ante just a bit. Her latest pre-shower photos are racy, ridiculous, and proof that the star must be very, very bored.

Miley posted the following pic while hanging out before her shower in what I hope is a hotel room (because no grown woman's bedroom should ever be this messy). She included the hashtag: #preshoweralfalfaselfielife.

We have classic Miley here: the tongue out, zany hair, exposed panties. Ah, and a bit of boob that's covered up with a cartoon image. At this point, girl, you might as well show everything you got because you haven't exactly been modest.

But, wait. That's not the only shower photo the world gets to see. This one featured the tag: #postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife:

She actually looks super pretty in this photo -- I'm thinking this has a lot to do with the fact that her tongue is inside of her mouth for once. But I still have to ask: are these pictures really necessary? Why give shots of your body away for free?

And, I'm afraid to ask, what will Miley do to top these? First we got this "naked" shower selfie, which didn't really reveal anything other than Miley's buns (no, not those buns), and then the starlet gave us another tongue shot, which at the very least, proved what we already knew: she's a gorgeous girl who doesn't need a stitch of makeup to be beautiful.

Miley has oodles of money and fame, and has flown everywhere and done everything. One has to wonder: is she taking all of these selfies because she's just bored out of her damn mind?

What type of selfie do you predict Miley will take next?


Images via Miley Cyrus/Instagram



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mrsary mrsary

I wish my body looked like a teenaged boy like hers. It is good she hasn't gone the plastic surgery route although she has major fame.

nonmember avatar Candi

Give that poor girl a sandwich!

Roxan... Roxanne92

Ugh one word Slut

To think she's supposedly a role model for kids, please for the love of God go away

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

Roxanne must've been living under a rock for a long time, since Miley stopped being a "role model" a long ass time ago. She's attention starved and bored. Most "regular" people spend most of their lives like that too, they're just not famous! But social media sites are mostly FILLED with people like her, it's just that nobody knows or cares about them. I see them whenever I'm out taking stupid pix posing with Starbucks like they get paid to advertise, or cleavage or ANYTHING they can brag about.

Kmelion Kmelion

She posts them because the media reposts them. And as they say, the only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about.

If you all would just IGNORE THESE, they would stop.

there... theresaphilly

@Kmelion, I so agree, many entertainere will do anything to stay in the news.

nonmember avatar Elroy Thomas

I thinks she's waayy more sexier than Selena Gomez because she shows more skin.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Miley's beautiful! Like with her, Kardashians, etc people's comments come across as jealousy for some reason. If you don't like someone (esp. someone you don't know) don't come across that way. It's so insecure. So what if the average person doesn't have alot of money or fame?There's other things to be happy about, focus on that!

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