Robert Pattinson Addresses Those 'Indiana Jones' & 'Star Wars' Rumors

Any movie role that requires Robert Pattinson to run around either shirtless or in tight shirts while showing off his skills with a sword (oh lord, I know how bad that sounds) is alright by me. When we heard there was a very good possibility that the 28-year-old Twilight star would be taking on two iconic and hot roles: as Indiana Jones AND Han Solo in Star Wars Episode 7, we had our popcorn money out and were all set to purchase tickets to the first screening. Pattinson, who recently tackled an American Southern accent in the new thriller The Rover, finally came out and addressed rumors about what we assume are his next swashbuckling roles. So, here's the deal.

Basically, it's not happening, guys. I know, I feel your pain.

While walking the red carpet for the U.S. premiere of The Rover, Pattinson had this to say about whether he'd take on the role of Indiana Jones, one that made Harrison Ford a household name in the early '80s: "Why is that coming out? I honestly don't understand what it's all about. Man, I wish!"

When asked whether he'll portray a younger version of Han Solo -- coincidentally another huge role for Ford in the original Star Wars films -- Pattinson seemed equally mystified. He told a reporter he thought it sounded like a "cool spinoff" -- one he'd watch -- but that he didn't even have a clue a Han Solo movie was in the works.

Pfffffft. That's the sound of our balloons deflating. Seems we will not get to see Pattinson swing from a tree branch with his safari shirt half open -- and that's a big loss for women everywhere.

I guess we should focus on the good news: the Brit actor has a whole slew of serious movies in the hopper, including Maps to the Stars with Julianne Moore and Queen of the Desert with Nicole Kidman and James Franco. We will get our fill of him, one way or another.

Do you think Pattinson is better off focusing on serious acting roles or would you have liked to see him as Indiana Jones or Han Solo?


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Tiffany Kowalski

Sorry, I to disagree. I am SOOOOO thankful that Harrison Ford doesn't have to have his name attached to this idiot. I'd never watch an Indiana Jones OR Star Wars movie with Pattinson in it.

Wileen Byroads

I want ROB to do what he wants to do!  He is a SWEET DOLLBABY MAN! you rock

jenib360 jenib360

Thank God he is not going to be in those movies! I really don't like him as an actor. Yes I watched all the twilight movies. And he was my least favorite actor of all!!!

elk571 elk571

I'm actually glad he's not doing these roles. What a relief! I really don't like his acting and I don't think he's hot either- sorry dude!

Jessica Cevallos

I don't like either one of those movies.
I think they were both dull & didn't capture my \attention at all!

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