Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian Are Competing for Hottest Bikini Shot (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian bikini First, our favorite newlywed Kim Kardashian posted this jaw-dropping photo of her lower half while soaking in the sun in an itty bitty white bikini. We marveled over her beauty, and wished we had the same view she had. I'm talking about the blue green waters and palm trees. There were some jokes about how the Kardashians were in some sort of bikini rivalry and that became quite evident when the mother of all Kardashians -- Kris Jenner -- posted a stunning photo of herself in red bikini glory.

The Kardashian women sure are gorgeous. Take a look at Kris.

On the photo, Kris wrote: "Bonjour!!! #blessed #grateful #thankyouGod photo cred @ohanafrey."

I can't help but wonder if she is thanking God for that body she has ... at 58 years of age. She really is blessed with great genes that she has clearly passed on to her daughters.

kris jenner

Looking so good, Kris! This makes me feel very guilty for just eating the two chocolate chip cookies I scarfed down just before writing this. Maybe I should go run around the block a few times. Oh ... I forgot ... I don't run. Unless chased.

I will however head outside. That's what the Kardashians should inspire us all to do with these pics. Doesn't matter what your body looks like -- enjoy the great outdoors. And, of course, if you have an incredible bikini shot of yourself in the great outdoors, share it on Instagram. Viva la family competition!

What do you think of these friendly competition bikini pics? Would you ever do the same with your mom?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Kris Jenner/Instagram



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adamat34 adamat34

Competing game whores.... Please stop writing this crap. These two are the epitome of self centered and horrid.

nonmember avatar Emma

Who cares I can't stand those people they are as fake as fake can get. Why is this even news anyway. My little sister told me I was jealous cause I don't like Kim . Good glad I don't

hello... hellokd87

The haterade is being passed around today! Thats what happens when you take care of yourself & dedicate me time to working out. You dont need money to have that body. It's completely doable with kids. I workout 30-45 min a day & I have a 3 mo & no help while hubby is taking care lf himself at the gym.

TheSi... TheSilence

Haterade? Are we 10 years old now?

nonmember avatar Erika

First off, while the Kardashians are my guilty pleasure, these women are really no more beautiful than anyone else. If all women had access to the clothes, makeup and awesome vacation destinations, we may all look that fabulous! Second of all, Kris Jenner does look great for 58 but it is no where near natural. She has had work done to her face, beasts and stomach. Therefore, she is not necessarily "blessed with good genes" but rather has paid for them!

nonmember avatar Revy

Funny how Kim's hips here look slimmer than her sausage casing hips in her recent Bonaroo pics. They're all fake fame whores...

nonmember avatar Becky

Not jealous,just disguised with what Hollywood claims as talent and creditable.This pesticides are nothing but conceited pigs and flaunting TRAMPS.Why would anyone be jealous of that.Foolish society crap.

Yolie Scott

Does anyone know for sure that is KJ as the picture is taken from a distance - that could be anybody laying out there. It is nice to be an up-to-date mother but PLEASE give us a break.

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

A bunch of ppl here saying "who cares?!", "can't stand them!", "so tired of ppl making a big deal of them!" But they're here reading stuff about them and leaving comments..... Really?! If you really don't care and can't stand them them you wouldn't have clicked on this article!!!! Can you say "full of it"? And they complain the Kardashians are fake! Hahaha whatever!

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