Kristin Cavallari Wears Short Shorts Just 5 Weeks After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

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Lots of new moms find it difficult enough to leave the house a few weeks after giving birth. But not Kristin Cavallari. The former Laguna Beach star delivered her second son Jaxon Wyatt just five weeks ago and she has already been spotted walking the streets of Chicago wearing the teeniest shorts you've ever seen. And she looks AMAZING.

While pushing Jax around the park in a stroller, the blonde beauty wore this stylish outfit:

Sure, her olive-green shorts are itsy bitsy, but she definitely has the legs to carry this outfit. She keeps things breezy and casual by pairing her shorts with an oversized boho cream blouse -- she gets an A-plus for balance here -- along with sweet T-strap flats (heels would not work) and the greatest cocoa-colored wide-brimmed hat we've seen in a long time.

How fantastic does Kristin look?!

The 27-year-old, along with football playing hubby Jay Cutler, welcomed baby Jax, who weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces, on May 7. Given the fact that she had one heck of a stylish and healthy pregnancy --seriously, does this woman ever look bad? -- I'm not at all surprised that she was able to get back into her fighting shape so quickly.

Rather than make us hate Kristin, this gorgeous photo should inspire new moms to get back out as soon after giving birth as we're ready and not be afraid to celebrate summer in our Daisy Duke shorts.

Do you like Kristin's outfit? Are you surprised she is able to wear short shorts so soon after having a baby?


Images via Kristin Cavallari/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Lexy

It took me three days.

crick... cricketmk3

Scary skinny. She smiles but doesn't look happy. Eat something and enjoy life!

lizilli lizilli

What do her legs have to do with being pregnant?  It was my belly that I didn't want to reveal for months and months, not my legs.........

nonmember avatar mama

My legs were fine throughout my entire pregnancy and my second one now and they look the same and with my first I looked normal again right after having him possibly may be the same with number two as I am almost done cooking and look no different from number one

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