Angelina Jolie's Kid Wants a Tattoo

Most of the world is obsessed with Angelina Jolie's every move -- so it should come as no surprise that her own children are amazed by her. The Maleficent actress has 13 elaborate tattoos that have received as much attention in the press over the years as the star. It turns out Angie's 6 children are obsessed with her tattoos and one of her kids is already considering getting his own body ink!

Angelina, 39, apparently has no problem explaining the meaning of her tats to her kids -- Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 5. Rumor has it they constantly ask her questions about them, and she's more than happy to explain their meanings.

Lucky for her, she made wise choices when she got her tattoos. Her thoughtful ink includes the birth coordinates for all of her children, who were born in various countries around the globe, and phrases like "know your rights," the Tennessee Williams' quote "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages," and an impressive Bengal tiger on her lower back, which she got to celebrate her Cambodian citizenship (she adopted her eldest son from Cambodia).

Because her tat work is so beautiful and meaningful -- and perhaps also because Angelina is open to discussing them -- Pax reportedly wants to get his own tattoo! Of course, Angie and Brad Pitt aren't going to let that happen until he's much older, but can you blame him? His mom has taught him that tattoos can be as beautiful as jewelry. They can tell a little story about your life, beliefs, and your family's history.

As a mom whose toddler daughter loves to ask questions about the super-silly sun tattoo on my foot, I understand why kids might be obsessed with tattoos. And, boy, do I wish I could turn back time and get something more meaningful. Smart move, Angelina!

Are your kids interested in your tattoos? Do you talk about them with your children?


Image via Frank Trapper/LA/Corbis

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Sarah... SarahHall58

It's not uncommon for children of parents who have tattoos to be like mom and dad but just like anything else you teach them to be responsible. I didn't start getting tattooed until I was 20 and knew what I want. All of my tattoos have meaning. My son will understand that and he will understand that tattoos are permanent and shouldn't be taken lightly.

sarah427 sarah427

I knew what I wanted for 9 years! Now that I have it, I have no regrets!my kids ask me about its meaning anytime they start to forget or want to tell some of their friends what it means. I hope my children will put as much thought into any of their tats! :)

Torra... TorranceMom

I'm a mom with my fair share of tattoos and piercings.  However, I discourage both of my children from getting any sort of body modification.

Mama-... Mama-Bear-of-2

My kids ask me all the time and I only have 2 tattoos. 1 is a matching tattoo that I got with their Daddy, when we were just dating (but we've known each other since we were born and have been childhood sweethearts since age 5) and my other tattoo is of my daughters actual foot print and her name above it. I still need to get my other daughters foot print tattoo, as soon as I can afford it...she keeps asking me why I don't have hers...and it kills me that I don't have it yet! :/

Mama-... Mama-Bear-of-2

^^ the matching tattoo with my hubby is a frog. I even named my first daughter, Lilly...for Lilypad. ;)

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