Kim Kardashian Wears See-Through Top to Kanye West's Concert (PHOTO)

There are hot mamas -- and then there's Kim Kardashian. Kim toes the line between hot and huh?! more than most -- but we have to admit her fashion choices have been a whole lot better since husband Kanye West began dressing her came into her life. But her latest look -- a totally see-through top -- leaves very little to the imagination and is pretty shocking, even for Kim.

Just days before baby North celebrates her first birthday, Kim showed up to root Kanye on at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee wearing tight white denim pants, an army jacket, and a see-through top over what looks like a sheer nude bra that totally doesn't fit properly:

Kim is playing the role of musician's hot wife here, and she has certainly nailed the part. But she's also a mom, and more than a few of her Instagram followers had no problem letting her know that, for this reason, her look is totally inappropriate.

Personally, I don't think moms should be made to feel like they have to dress in potato sacks in order to preserve their modesty. We can still be sexy and dress in a way that shows off our figures -- and Kim has certainly worked hard to get her gorgeous curvy bod back after pregnancy. She should be proud.

With that said, I'm still not a fan of this look simply because it's TOO MUCH of a good thing. A little cleavage is sexy. But she's putting it all out there and leaving very little to the imagination. She's beautiful -- and has no need to go to extremes to prove it.

What do you think of Kim's see-through top? Is this look appropriate for a mom?


Image via Instagram



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There seems to be a nude bra underneath so I don't see the problem.


She is Kim Kardashian what do you expect a moo moo dress.

Torra... TorranceMom

Why wear the flesh colored bra underneath, Kim?  What's the matter, don't have the cojones to really rock a see thru top? /s

.Kate. .Kate.

At least she's wearing a bra?

nonmember avatar crystal

Once a hoe always a hoe!!! lol

kayle... kayleesmom42328

She looks like she belongs on a street corner! Whore!

nonmember avatar Kim me k

Who cares blessings kimme

nonmember avatar methuselahz

What was she thinking??? I'd be embarrassed if she were my mom.

nonmember avatar U JEALOUS

Jealousy is an ugly thing

nonmember avatar Lona Collins

she will do anything for attention

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