Vicki Gunvalson Lashes Out at Fans Who Don't Like Brooks Ayers

Vicki Gunvalson
It looks like some of the ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County just love repeating the same mistakes, no matter how many times they make them. Vicki Gunvalson seems to be at odds with her fans after they criticized her for posting a photo of both her and her ex Brooks Ayers enjoying Toby Keith concert on her Instagram account. 

If you recall, Brooks isn’t a guy you’d want to keep around the house or in your life for that matter, and pretty much everybody but Vicki agrees. Last year he was secretly recorded lashing out at Vicki in a drunken rage, calling her a string of profane insults and even glorifying domestic violence against women.

In other words, this man should be nowhere near Vicki or on television, for that matter.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the Orange County mother for keeping him in her circle of friends and possibly reigniting her relationship with him once again. And she doesn't take kindly to people who don't agree with her decisions to do so. After her fans called her out on Instagram for posting her pic with him, she lashed out at them, writing:

Hey everyone that seems to think it’s ‘ok’ to bad mouth someone you have never met… Well it’s NOT! If you love me, respect my decisions and support me. If I’m wrong, I’ll be the one to blame and I’ll be the one to suffer the consequences of a broken heart.

Well, unfortunately it’s not just Vicki’s broken heart that her fans are worried about here. Brooks has also been accused of financially using Vicki in the past, as well as airing out her daughter’s dirty language on Twitter and being a deadbeat dad. He owes over $100,000 in back child support and was arrested for a DUI in the past. But that doesn't seem to matter to Vicki. She continued:

I'm living life now, and making memories along the way. I'm having fun, growing my businesses and enjoying my time with Brooks. Keep your negative comments to yourself or you will be deleted and blocked. Ok?!"

While I totally believe that Vicki is a solid mother and businesswoman with a good head on her shoulders, I do hope she keeps her guard up when it comes to Brooke and is very careful with the steps she makes with him. There are just too many red flags, and she really can't blame anyone who has doubts about the guy.

Do you think Vicki should keep her distance from Brooks or should her fans trust Vicki that she's making the right decision here?

Image via Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram

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JoAnn Froeder

Vicki loves to tell everyone how smart and successful she thinks she is, but obviously does not realize how stupid her relationship with Brookes really is. He is absolutely disgusting and so is she.

Torra... TorranceMom

Vicki is an ugly person both inside & out. She wants Brooks? Let her have him . . . those two deserve each other.

chris... christie516

We all live and learn, sometimes it's hard.

nonmember avatar sandy

While it is true that this is Vicki's business, she has made her business public by being on RHOC, and by posting Instagrams: public feedback is a given. As much as it is her right to speak freely, her fans have the same right. That said, her dynamic with Brooks is exactly that of an abusive relationship: the abused often returns again and again to her abuser because the codependency and entangled emotions are stronger than rational thought. She has to move through this on her own, and while support may be waiting in the wings, she should not expect fans, friends, and family to be silent and unconditionally supportive while they watch someone they care about stay involved with a highly questionable man.

nonmember avatar Donna

This woman is so desperate for a man, she even pays him to be with her. New teeth new clothes, credit cards, how stupid is this broad? We'll Vicki you can have your Brooks I really don't think anyone else wants him. The real reason your daughter don't want to live around you is that she doesn't want to run into that scumbag.

nonmember avatar Wonderful Wendy

Vicki you're acting like a teenager and you take all this criticism like your parents are telling you No! Wake up! Your daughter deserves your unconditional support. And you're too busy worrying about being alone. Seems pretty desperate to many of us. Brooke's is a abuser and user and your actions speak louder than your words. Poor Breanna

nonmember avatar Pat skillett

Vicki is still ugly no matter what she does to her face. I just cannot stand her. I think she should be out of the show. I mute her lines all the time. As others have said, I think she and brooks should stay together and disappear from the show.

nonmember avatar maria deloria

You're a loser!!! Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ann Basso

I don't really care about Vicki or her love life..she is such a rude and unlikeable character on the show.

Monica Buchanan

Vicki, I think you and Brooks make a perfect pair.  Go for it!  You two deserve one another.

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