Bruce Jenner's Recent Decision Won't Help Those Sex Change Rumors​ (VIDEO)


Bruce JennerYou guys, we got so distracted with Kim's wedding and Rob's weight that we almost forgot one totally important thing! Bruce Jenner's sex change! I mean, his rumored sex change. Which he and the rest of the family totally deny. Yeah, that sex change. We almost forgot about it!

What's the latest? Well, for quite awhile, Bruce's more feminized facial appearance, his French manicured nails, his long hair, his reported tracheal shave (no matter how much I look at his neck, I can't quite tell), and his supposed penchant for the name "Bridgette" have some people wondering whether Bruce is totally over being a guy.

Now we have some other hints that Bruce is still radically changing is appearance. On the upcoming episode of KUWTK, Bruce will have a hair colorist visit him so she can give him some highlights.

The vision of Bruce sitting there with tinfoil sticking out of every inch of his head is something you've got to see.

And Bruce gets very ornery when Kris arrives and starts to tell him what he should do with his hair. Let the man pick out his own highlights, Kris! Check it out:

The end result is more tasteful than what I was expecting -- at least he didn't go platinum. But the style is quite matronly. Not exactly a good look on Bruce.

Well, folks, I have no idea if Bruce is really undergoing a sex transformation. I do know that he looks like a character from Steel Magnolias in this scene though. And Brigette is the perfect name for someone with this hair.

Do you like his new hair?


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nonmember avatar Zoe

My belief is these sex change rumors are just silly. He may be addicted to plastic surgery but that's it. I guess the speculation sells gossip mags etc.

nonmember avatar wicked

OK. Make this Story go away.. Please.. It's ridiculous and it is a disturbing rumour. Poor taste.

Becky L Hunter

Dang Bruce is WEIRD. How do you go from being an Olympic athlete & being masculine to looking like a woman? It's just bizzare, but then thats why they call it Hollyweird. I can't stand that family anymore they are just to creepy now.

Dawn Dealmeida

Something's definitely up with Bruce.. His eyebrows r plucked and he is looking quite feminine.. Hmm.. Idk Bruce but more power 2 ya..

Linda Pash

Bruce, is trying to hold on to what hair he has. That's all. Men change their looks just like women do. He wants to be forever young. Like we all do.

marti... martiniqueenie

Bruce wants the attention more than anyone else in that family. It's all about Bruce. If looking weird gets him attention, and being rude , hell do it! ME ME ME!!!

Dawn Dealmeida

His new hair style is totally gross.. Bruce at least take some advise from the girls and if u want a womanly style tell them and change what u have done 2 it.. There a lot of cute styles Bruce much better then what u chose.. That's so so so old school sweetie.. I support whatever u want 2 do just not that style is so unattractive..

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