Lea Michele Is in Denial About Her New 'Love Coach' Boyfriend

Lea MicheleHave you ever done that thing where all your friends think your new boyfriend is a tool and you're all, "No, no, he's a really great guy. You just have to get to know him. He's totally different once you know him. Seriously, he just gets insulting and mean and douchebaggy when he's nervous -- he just wanted to impress you, that's all!" Well, that's Lea Michele right now. Only Lea has apparently convinced herself that her rumored boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, isn't a gigolo.

Matthew, whom TMZ identified as a former male escort working with Cowboys4Angels, which is featured on Showtime's Gigolos, has supposedly been quietly dating Lea for a few months now after they met on the set of her music video, "On My Back Way."

When the story broke about Matthew supposedly being a male escort, Lea was not happy, says TMZ. She reportedly confronted Matthew asking him what was going on -- she'd thought he was a rocket scientist! (Not really, but I'm guessing.)

Matthew apparently fessed up that he'd had a few dates with ladies, but only to learn what gigolos went through so he could then act as a coach to other gigolos. BWHA! Ermkay.

TMZ says he'd been a gigolo for a year. He then reportedly told Lea he would never, ever do that line of work again. Erm, right.

Well, I guess now that Matthew is dating Lea, he probably doesn't need to get paid to "date." But if I were Lea, I'd take a good hard look at the pics of Matthew that were reportedly up on the Cowboys site until recently -- these are not exactly professional photos. Unless you're a professional bed warmer.

But who can blame Lea for wanting to believe? Take a look at Matthew. Hell, if he told me he was a rocket scientist, I'd be all, "I love science! And rockets! Let's see that rocket!" Ya know?

Anyway, let Lea have her fun, she's had a rough year.

Is she fooling herself?


Image via msleamichele/Instagram



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nonmember avatar mmm

She was in denial about her last 'boyfriend' too. Are you surprised?

sassy... sassykat122

MMM... why the 'boyfriend". Troll

Jackie Cash

Oh my gosh yes denial I feel it is Lea has gone from someone loving, adorable and awesome as Cory I feel not only has it been less than a year since the loss of Cory for me it's just way too soon to be seeing someone else granted I do believe that Lea deserves to find love but really . Lea has chosen to be with some totally out there all I'm say is what must she be thinking right now. However it is her choice. I just don't understand all I ask is why so soon I don't mean any direspect to anyone in general.

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