What Really Happens Behind-the-Scenes at a 'Housewives' Reunion (VIDEO)

It's Friday the 13th, Mercury is in retrograde, and it's a full moon, too. I don't know what all that means together, but I'm wearing my lucky horseshoe. In today's exclusive episode, I cover Catfish on MTV: John and Kelsey, as well as taking viewer questions! In honor of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion special filming today, I also take a deep dive into how a reunion taping works and my predictions for the Big Apple ladies.

First, I go catfishing -- with a little back story as to why I'm interested in this show. Most know I met my husband online, but there's another reason I'm invested that has nothing to do with Simon and everything to do with catfishing. NEVER BEFORE discussed, but in today's video below, I go there. Oh yes.

The episode featuring John and Kelsey was fascinating on many levels, and I break down why Nev Schulman and Max Joseph may have found this couple irresistible, as well as the one thing that disappointed me. In addition, and just for fun, I make some chat room rules. Tell me whether you like them!

Next, it turns out that Andy Cohen and the New York City ladies are taping their reunion today. Also, I had a tidal wave of viewer questions based on this week's earlier coverage of the show (if you missed it, go here!). I take questions and discuss what usually happens on reunion taping day and the night before. Who will be in the hot seat today? Will it be Aviva DrescherRamona Singer? As LuAnn de Lesseps was demoted to friend-of, will she even attend the taping? I give you all my dish as well as predictions, and I have to warn you, today's video got a little salty. A little sassy, even. Grab a beverage and watch now!

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Do you think LuAnn was cheated this season?


Images via Ramona Singer/Twitter and MTV.com

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DeLynda Ritter Lyda

I just watched Friday 13th episode and right when you started talking about the Housewives, did anyone else see the orb that floated by?

nonmember avatar misery chick

LOVE your comments, especially today!!!! Yes, LuAnn was definitely cheated and not only should she be restored to full-cast-member next season, she should be reimbursed

$$$$ for the extra time her scenes were shown. FAVE line of the day-"Aviva better have her leg for support at the reunion, 'cause she won't have any other support" or something like that~mwaaahhhh, brilliant!

Patrick Lorio

Alex, I know your blog is already Bravo-heavy, but I'd love your thoughts on Married to Medicine. Was Bravo going for a RHOA clone? This season seems to be falling flat compared with the first. 

nonmember avatar troybazza

I just love you. You are smart, gorgeous, funny, sensitive and doing a great job here. Thank you

nonmember avatar socksock

You mentioned being out with Jill Zarin,does that mean you are not friends with Bethany any more? Can you watch hollywood exes and little women of La ? Luann was not treated right this season.

nonmember avatar TIna

This was probably my favorite vlog of yours! Funny!!! Loved it! Very insightful!!

Question, you said contraband, I was thinking props when you said that but then you said props.. What is considered contraband? What has someone brought in that they shouldn't?

Brittany Jones

Bad Girls Club, and I know it may pain you to watch it but I would love to here your opinion. Because the Producers have their hand so heavy in the show and it would be great to hear it from an expert.

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