Leah Calvert Looks Drastically Different in Shocking New Photo

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Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Remember earlier this week when Leah Calvert showed off her new haircut, leaving us all with our jaws on the floor?

Yeah, well, at that point, she only gave us a back view of the 'do, so we weren't sure just how much it would totally change her appearance.

And since her loyal fans are particularly curious to see the full effect of her makeover, Leah shared a new photo on Twitter that blows our minds.

Check it out.

Leah Calvert

Whoa! At first glance, it doesn't even look like her! When I first saw it, I was like, "Wait a second ... OMG, that IS Leah!"

When you make a change this big to your hair, it can really go either way as far as whether or not people respond positively to the shift. But I gotta say, I'm loving Leah's new look, and I honestly wish I could pull off a short, fun haircut like this. She definitely has the right face shape for it, and it brings out her eyes and makes her look more modern and trendy.

She also appears more grownup with this new 'do, in a totally good way. And I'm sure she feels like a brand new person after chopping off so many inches, because she certainly looks like one!

It takes a brave soul to take such a big risk like this, but it more than paid off for Leah. (If only the rest of us were always so lucky ...)

Do you like Leah's new look?


Images via leahdawncalvert/Instagram; Twitter

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KWill... KWilliams-0513

I think she looks beautiful. She finally doesn't look like a 16 year old anymore, she looks like an adult now. The hair cut makes her look more mature.

Avian... AviannasMama

Umm she looks great? Is the author blind? I think she looks awful and this looks like a joke. Like it's a Halloween costume.

Meliz... Melizzi1965

You're joking...right!?! I mean...ANYTHING is an improvement from last season but C'MON!!! It is still street-walker bleached & the bouffant bubble-helmet is WAY awful! Just my opinion!

nonmember avatar omgwth


KatnN... KatnNatsMomma

I think if she took down the "pouf" it might look better...it looks a little reminiscent of a lion's mane styled "as is" sometimes, less is more :/

nonmember avatar Jenn

Reminds me of Theresa Caputo's hair. I don't like it on Leah!!

Aimkala Aimkala

OMG!  It's the Long Island Medium!

flowe... flowerfunleah

I personally think it looks awful. 

sexym... sexymom37

No, I don't like it. But, it's her hair not mine. 

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