'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: There's No Saving Laurel & Cara Maria

Last week, after Laurel and Cara Maria's brutal fight, their friendship took yet another beating on tonight's episode of The Challenge: Free Agents.

When Cara doesn't come back to the house after the elimination round, Laurel is off the hook for cheering for Jessica in the duel. But Zach, Johnny, and CT aren't about to let her go that easily. Johnny quickly lets her know that her betrayal did not go unnoticed.

And when Cara finally comes back to the house, she has some major announcements to make.

First, her hand was fractured and will take a month to fully heal. Secondly, she's done with Laurel, who has never apologized and continues to refuse to do so. Later, skater! Cara's finished.

Granted, she has much bigger things to worry about. At the main challenge, TJ Lavin tells her that she can participate in the competition ... on her own terms. If she's willing to take the risk, with her broken hand, she's liable for any damage done.

And the girl takes it.

In guy-girl pairs, they will swim across a lake, dig up and retrieve puzzle pieces, bring them back to the assembly spot, repeat the process, and finally assemble the puzzle. With Theresa and Zach, Johnny Bananas and Nany, CT and Cara Maria, Devyn and Johnny, and Laurel and Leroy teaming up, the pairs got started.

After wading through disgusting waters, digging up chests, and assembling a massive puzzle, Bananas and Nany take top prize. They now have the issue of choosing either Zach or CT and Theresa or Cara Maria to go into the elimination. The two other teams are automatically in the draw.

But they don't take their votes lightly. Shockingly, after years and years of challenges and knowing each other outside of the MTV production, Bananas votes in CT and Nany follows. But surprisingly, they did not agree on the girl. Bananas went for the sacrificial lamb, Cara, while Nany insisted on Theresa. But then TJ dropped another bomb: if they didn't agree on a vote, the two of them would instead go into the elimination. Nany, unfortunately, didn't stand her ground and crumbled under pressure from Bananas.

Cara, see you in the elimination. And her opponent? None other than her best friend, Laurel. Finally, CT will be facing Leroy. But we'll have to wait for next week to actually see how it goes down. To be continued ...

Are you excited for the Cara/Laurel showdown?


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nonmember avatar Dani

Dammit!!! I love Cara! As much as i want her to kick Laurels ass, i think Laurel will win out. :p

nonmember avatar krystian

I dislike both cara and laurel....so i really wong care who goeslaw home, i hole it is laurel, but i doubt she will. I hope ct gomes back, i can,not stan leory. .....

fave82 fave82

I don't understand the logic of putting cara in elimination. The smart move would be to get her into the final. Her broken hand would definitely hold her back there and help the others get ahead.

Christine Donnelly

I think it sucks to put Car in instead of theresa!!! Theresa was in one challenge and Car, who is hurt, has to go in again!!! I hope Car kicks her ass!!!!! Also C.T. please come back your my screen saver!!!

Erin Butcher

ugh, i can't stand laurel and it makes me so mad that cara was voted in.  she has proven herself time and time again, i really hope she kicks laurel's bitchy butt home, but i don't have high hopes for it considering.  and i think ct will annihilate leroy.  lol.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Laurel reminds me of a man!

nonmember avatar shama

shit! they suck , why the hell did they vote cara she has a broken hand and if they were smart they will let her in and she won't do any good in the final or whatever, but now with her condition i know that she's going home!!!!!

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