Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Marriage May Be on the Rocks Thanks to His Gambling

Ben AffleckWhen it comes to Hollywood couples, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are one of the most solid. But then again, we thought that about Gwyneth and Chris Martin too, didn't we? So you never know what's going on behind the scenes. And according to a new report, there's a lot going on behind the scenes of Ben and Jen's fairy-tale marriage. Like the fact that Ben may be a gambling-a-holic!

According to Star magazine, Ben was kicked out of yet another casino, the second in three months, after he was identified as an "advantaged player" by casino honchos. Apparently this time he was at the Caesar Windsor Casino in Ontario, playing in the high stakes game, when he was escorted off the property. And apparently he didn't look his best to play. A source says:

Ben walked in and went straight to the card games. His hair was a disaster, and he looked like a mess! He sat down and played for roughly 20 minutes before security heard he was there. They made the dealers stop what they were doing and asked him to leave ... He seemed really frazzled like he had just lost a ton of money. He was smoking a cigarette and his head was down in his arms. When he sat up his eyes looked bloodshot, like he’d been there all night!

Yikes. How Ben got to be so good at blackjack isn't for me to say -- I'm just here to gossip about his marriage, people. According to another insider, Jen was "mortified" when Ben got banned from a casino in April and thinks his gambling is totally out of control. The source claims:

Everything has really gone downhill since then.

I hope Ben doesn't risk losing his beautiful family so he can flip some cards around on a table. But gambling can be a serious addiction. Sure, if he loses hundreds of thousands of dollars, the pair still won't be in debt. But if he keeps doing it, they might! Besides, why not give that money to a charitable foundation?

If any of this is true, Jen must be stunned to learn that she married a guy with this kind of problem. I hope he gets some help.

Meanwhile, no one play with Ben, cause he's got some serious tricks up his sleeve!

Do you think he has a problem?

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nonmember avatar FERN

Casinos can rip off everyone by making sure no can win 99% of the time. Let someone come in that's lucky and good player they get booted out.I understand the odds being in the house favor , but really. If Ben isn't cheating and just playing smartly , they should not be able to put him out. Now having said that , I really hope he isn't so far gone gambling that he loses his family.

Wyatt... WyattsMom772

How is this news? It is widely known that Ben has had issues with gambling for a long time. Jen knows it too.

Patricia Pat Miller

Who fucking cares,I'm mortified he's playing BatMan,,Did you see him in the red jumpsuit and blind suckkkkkk!

Susan Goldman Schwartz



nonmember avatar Tailisian

OK. Yeah, let's pick on Ben.. What else.. Next...

Rachel Elizabeth

He can do whatever he wants with his money,

nonmember avatar SKIP FERRARA

Hope all this is not true, and hopefully BA is taking care of his precious angel of a wife and those precious children, as nothing else matters. Not the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the fans, or any of that other "stuff" you cannot take with you after you die and none of which will keep you warm, cuddle with you or tell you how much she or the kids loves you. At the end of the day, the most precious people you have are your wife and children. Making money and winning awards is just that, making money and getting these hunks of metal trophies that several weeks later nobody cares or remembers anyway, especially when you are old or dead like who really gives a hoot if you won an Oscar or a Golden Globe anyway, and you can do that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. You only have one chance to keep and make that family right, and cuddle with those precious people that somehow and for God knows why, love us "unconditionally". And BA has a precious family to cuddle with and not those casinos. My message to all Spouses and families is to cherish your time with your spouse and children as though that was your last day with them and not like you take them for granted. If you want an Oscar or Golden Globe from me, show me the measure of the Man, Husband, Wife, or Parent you are because thats all that really matters. My message is simple, Hug and cherish Jennifer and your precious children and you will be the luckiest Man, Husband and Dad on this planet, and their hero.

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