Tyler Baltierra Basically Confirms the Good News We've Been Waiting For


Tyler Baltierra

We probably shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves or get our hopes up or anything like that, but you guys? It looks like there's a glimmer of hope that Teen Mom might return for another season.

Yes ... the original season of Teen Mom!

OMG. This is HUGE!

Tyler Baltierra shared this photo of himself on Instagram along with the caption, "#AreWereComingBack? #KeepALookoutEveryone" -- now we're all freaking out and wondering what exactly he meant by this little teaser.

Um, can you even imagine if he's referring to MTV giving Teen Mom another go? Wouldn't you love to catch up with him and Catelynn Lowell, plus Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and even Farrah Abraham? (Ok, maybe we should scratch Farrah off that list.)

It would be so much fun to see just how much they've all grown up over the past few years.

Or if another season of Teen Mom isn't in the cards, maybe Tyler and Catelynn are getting their own spinoff that will follow them on their journey to become parents? That would be pretty cool too. Everyone loves these two and we've been rooting for them right from the very start, so it would be amazing to watch their dream of having a baby unfold right in front of our very eyes.

Hmm. Like Tyler said, I guess we need to stay tuned. But OMG -- let's hope we aren't kept in the dark for too much longer!

Do you think Teen Mom is coming back?


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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nonmember avatar silvia

I would love for the origanal teen mom to come back on. They are the only ones that i will watch

Lenorra Burgard

They should have their own spin off show.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I wish they would bring it back and also finish showing it in aus I would love to see how they all are (except Farrah her behaviour as a mother is disgusting)

Roxan... Roxanne92

I wish they would bring back the original cast minus Farrah,and cancel the other teen mom shows

nonmember avatar Heather

Wait.. you don't want to see farrah, but you want to see Amber and her drug loving.. man abusing.. child neglecting ways? Farrah ain't no walk in the park.. but I'd much rather watch her snotty self then the excuse for a human Amber is!

Ashley Elliott

i had seen where the other girls agreed to do the show if  farrah was not asked to to do the show 

nonmember avatar tammy Robbins

I cant wait i hope they come back miss them on teen mom. Would like to see how they are now

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