'RHOA' Star Kandi Burruss' Marriage Might Already Be Doomed

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Somewhere, The Real Housewives of Atlanta's meanest mama (Kandi Burruss' Mama Joyce, but of course) is cackling up a storm. Now why, pray tell, might she be doing that? Because it sounds like the unhappy future she predicated for newlyweds Kandi and Todd Tucker is already unfolding, no matter what kind of positive spin Kandi may have tried to put on her fresh union when talking to Ebony magazine about the married life.

As we know, Mama Joyce is far from sweet on Todd. She did everything in her power (short of ordering a hitman) to try and keep Kandi from strutting up the aisle to bag her man. Sadly for her, love conquers all, and now Mama Joyce has to sit around and fret about Kandi giving her money (and her time) to someone other than the her. 

But that might not be the case for very long. Kandi talked about how married life hasn't been what she expected. She and Todd have really been struggling -- and it might not be for the reasons you or Mama Joyce suspect. 

Kandi and Todd have struggled since they tied the knot, and not one of the sex toys of which Kandi is so fond can help them. That's because they have barely spent any time together. That's right, the couple has basically been long distance while Todd works on a new T.V. project. Yeesh, that doesn't sound awesome.

Kandi tries to downplay the difficulty of living apart, but it's clearly had a strain. She admits to "fussing at him," and the duo have had to set pretty strict rules about when they talk to each other and when they see each other. Isn't the beginning of your marriage supposed to be the honeymoon period? This sounds like anything but. Here's hoping they work out the kinks soon and prove Mama Joyce wrong. 

Do you think Kandi and Todd will last?


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nonmember avatar wicked

This relationship seems way to complicated and has been under so much scutiny, gossip and has caused so much negativity that I honestly don't believe that there is a realistic chance for longevity. Kong distance relationships are hard work. Everyone feels slighted. Kandi is used to having everything the way she wants it. It might have been fun when they were newly in love and playing house. Honey, those days are over. Good luck, Todd! Nice knowing you. Next season you will so last season.

StandbyYourman Darlene Renaud

Mama Joyce - really she is no mama of mine  --- but if that is what they want to call her so be it -- She interferred with RJ and Kandi when they were dating - and also went to counciling -- how many of Kandi's friends's do Mama Joyce have to interfere with -- and Kandi really - you are a missfit - really you cannot tell your mom to stay the hell out of your business --- You have a daughter and you are full grown == or are you === you allow this tyrant to continue so you are as much as fault for the seperation that is happening

nonmember avatar ladybug

When he didn't want to sign a pre-nip bells went off for me.

Karen Doiley

Not long as Kandi keeps listing to mama Joyce. Kandi you deserve to happy, you have accomplished so much in life. Kandi u r going yo lose Todd!!!!!!!!!!!. Wake up. You can love family members from afford. Mama Joyce just want a name/show for herself , she is not happy with herself . If you and Riley and especially Riley are happy that s all that matter how long you think Todd going to put up with this BS. Respect and take care from a distance . I just think you deserve happiness

Bonnie Stone

Not if her bitchy mother has anything to do with it and I'm sure she's stirring the pot, that old fool!

nonmember avatar Bell

This is a show people stop taking it so serious, yes they say reality but its for our entertainment. We enjoyed it and laughed our buts off. Joyce is acting her but off and did a great job this season. Let's support our actors and actress, so they can keep working and giving us something to talk about.

nonmember avatar kimmmy

Just a few words Kandi Pleaseeeeeee get a hold on it GOD forbid , but Mama will not always be here I know from experience.Love your husband until he shows you! Something different.

gmakandi gmakandi

Kandi knew what she was getting into when she met n fell in live with Todd...what is Todd supposed to do quit working so Mama Joyce can be right with all she said about Todd?????  Todd is a hellva man.....I can't believe he married Kandi with her mom acting a straight up fool....anyways absence makes the heart grow fonder.......get over it Kandi...Todd cant win between you n your mom....you uspet cause hes working and Joyce would be dogging him if he wasnt!!!!!! Wtf is Todd suppossed to do??????  Its part of life ....the man goes to work to make money.....he cant have mama Joyce talking shit about him not working. ...anyway...Todd probably likes being away from Kandis crazy ass mom.....Kandi chooses her mom over Todd and I dont understand that shit at all.....any mother in her right mind wants her dsughter to msrry and be happy and make a new life....that mother/daughter relationship is effed up....Kandi quit complaining you are stsrting to be a mini Mama Joyce...oh hell no!!!!!!!#

nonmember avatar Ginger

Hang in there because marriage is hard work and most people don't realize that. Love is never enough to maintain a successful marriage. Do the work and make the current situation work for you.

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