Kate Middleton Accused of Trying to Deceive Her Fans

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Kate Middleton

As if the pregnancy rumors that plague her over and over again aren't enough of a pain in the rear end, would you believe that yet another rumor claims that Kate Middleton planted the pregnancy rumors herself?!?

(I know, that's quite the mouthful.)

Yes, there's really a story floating around insisting that Kate is responsible for trying to bring extra attention to her mid-section in an effort to take the focus away from other royal scandals, including the now infamous bare bum photo.

And while the thought of Kate wanting people to forget just how amazing her ass is really isn't all that hard to believe, do you honestly think she'd go so far as to make up stories about herself?!?

She's already hounded by the paparazzi enough as it is, so why on earth would she give them even more reason to follow her every move, hoping to get the first pic of a baby bump?

This is seriously so ridiculous, it's ... ridiculous.

I know she's in the public eye, which puts her at risk for people trying to tear her apart by any means possible, but man -- this is taking things too far.

It's almost like some folks can't resist making things up about Kate just for the sake of doing it, which makes me feel kind of bad for her. Yes, she leads a very privileged life. But something tells me being part of the royal family gets pretty old sometimes, especially when she has to worry about her every move embarrassing them in one way or another.

And while I highly doubt the Palace would take these rumors to heart for one second, it still doesn't bode well for Kate to have them circulating.

Honestly, the best hope she has for putting an end to all this crazy talk is to actually get knocked up for real. Everybody loves a baby, especially a royal one, so people will probably cut her a little slack once she's expecting again ... right? (Let's hope so.)

Do you think there is any chance that Kate planted the pregnancy rumors?


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Patricia Bunn

Why hound this beautiful lady Catherine all the time,just leave her alone,only jealouse is my opinion.x

Elaine Moore

 Oh  ffs leave the poor girl alone..  they did this with  the     beautiful Lady Diana and look what happened. get off her case..

nonmember avatar Shirley Tee

It doesn't matter if she is expecting or not just respect her and stay out of her personal life....what benefits do we get by speculating such unhealthy rumors around ? I believe the Queen will accept what comes her way.....why or the fret ?.......

nonmember avatar duchessofbutt

"leave the poor girl alone" seriuosly r u joking? This famous lazy butt flasher aint poor, she enjoys her perks and privileges without giving back, shes a vapid, dull, uncharitable, self indulgent woman who is disliked in UK, she is adding more staff to the many staff and is now asking millions for renovating fireplaces, she is a useless goldgigger, shes a public servant spending public money!! Ya hell no ,nobody will leave her alone, she stalked willy for a decade , so wanted this life soo badly?

Samal... Samalama319

Haha you all make me laugh. Unless you know her personally, all you're doing is speculating. Shes a human. Leave her be.

Carol Dobson

Why won't you all leave her alone for goad sake , must be desparate for a story this is why I don't buy papers cost they full of utter garbage . I love Kate but whatever she does someone somewhere will always call her


Frances Williams

this rumour has camilla written on it. Thank goodness that Kate is too intelligent to let it matter

Debbie Learn

I think "The Stir" planted the Duchess Kate pregnancy rumor. This rag paper loves to trash Duchess Kate. They are so jealous of the Duchess they show off their ignorance by not addressing the Duchess by her royal title. And I think it is quite humorous that Duchess Kate is far too intelligent to be moved by a rag magazine!

It's Duchess Kate's time to shine. Shine on Duchess !

Kathy Welch

WannaB's leave th Dutches alone please. She such a breath of fresh air and has a lovely family. Just stop tryng to make something up toget people to read which they know isn't true. Get a life people . This woman has a lovely life let her live it and be happy. God Bless.

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