Jessa Duggar Embarrasses Her Family in the Worst Way Possible (VIDEO)

Talk about bad timing. Whether you support the Second Amendment or not, do you really want a photo of your daughter posing with a semi-automatic rifle going viral the week of yet another school shooting? That's the drama the stars of 19 Kids and Counting are dealing with this week, and in today's exclusive video below, I give you my behind-the-scenes take on that, plus their episode. Also, we've got True Tori and a little Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gossip!

With the Duggar family, I noticed two "dogs that didn't bark" this week -- one off-camera with Jessa Duggar's Facebook rifle photo drama, and one with cousin and spin-off hopeful Amy Duggar. In today's episode, I discuss why Amy's one-hour special A Duggar Leaves Home could turn into the first successful spin-off of 19 Kids.

Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, we've got the lost footage episode of True Tori, and BOY did I see some producer shenanigans here with Tori's influence on top. Tell me in the comments whether you agree with my bullet points in today's video. I think Tori took a calculated risk with this episode, and it's very telling that she chose the lost footage season closer to do it. Typically lost footage episodes of ANY reality show are the lowest rated, so Tori may have been hedging her bets.

Also, there's gossip in Beverly Hills ... well, when is there NOT? Not only do we have the LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian VH1 reality show premiering next month, but we've also got some Housewives' gossip. Do you believe it, and if it's true, are you SAD? Watch now for all the juice!

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Do you think Tori ultimately comes off looking worse than Dean?


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nonmember avatar sarah

funny stuff

Sarah Jane Warner

I wouldn't say Jessa embarassed her family at all. There are plenty of people out there who take pictures of themselves with semi automatics. So there was a picture of her holding a gun, so what? Did she say anything about wanting to go shoot something? All the picture said was don't mess with Jessa. She more than likely had that picture taken because she thought the gun was cool! I would have done the same thing but just because I think it's cool doesn't mean i'm going to shoot something. People read far too much into things. It's sad.

kkat117 kkat117

I agree with Sarah

Littl... LittleFrogsMA

Jessa was making a kissy face.  Young women posing with sexy expressions/postures and a big bad gun is porn for some. 



nonmember avatar Katie

I don't see anything wrong with Jessa holding a semi auto gun. There was noting malicious about the picture so I don't see how it would be an embarrassment to her or her family. I don't believe there is anything wrong with guns as long as you are responsible with them.

nonmember avatar Tia6501

Seriously, get a grip, there are FAR more embarrassing positions she could have been caught in, that photo doesn't even come close.

nonmember avatar Mommyof2

Lol wow it's just an UNLOADED gun she probably doesn't even know how to load a clip or shoot at all she's just being a teenager who has not been raised around guns so she thinks they are just to look cool with. My kids will not be posing with guns they are not toys

love3if3 love3if3

Plus. I'm pretty sure this is just a .22 caliber lol. Don't get all cray you silly liberals. Lol

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