Andi Dorfman Already Cheated On By Her Final Pick? (SPOILERS)

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Andi Dorfman

We still have a few more weeks to go until Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's final rose ceremony, but duh, spoilers have already leaked out revealing Andi's final pick ... and that's not all.

There's a rumor going around that the dude in question is already cheating on Andi with his ex-girlfriend. It looks as though there's a chance for this relationship to be one of the shortest lived in Bachelor/Bachelorette history.


I repeat -- do NOT read any farther if you don't want to know who Andi supposedly winds up with at the end of the show.

Ok, so if you were brave enough to read this far, then you know that Andi chooses Josh Murray as the man to spend the rest of her life with.

But unfortunately, Josh is still in contact with ex-girlfriend Brittany McCord, and they've been caught communicating on Snapchat.

Here's how the whole thing went down. Reality Steve (you gotta love him) posted a picture of Josh's Snapchat profile to prove that he and Andi are indeed a couple.

But as it turns out, Josh apparently interacts with Brittany more than Andi on there, which kicked off the rumor that Andi's hope for true love may already be ruined.

And as bad as this news is for her (if it's true) -- I can't say that I'm really all that surprised. Isn't Josh the dude she insists is typically her type, which she didn't initially view as a good thing? Wasn't she hesitant to let herself fall for him at the beginning of the season? Or maybe I'm confusing him with someone else.

But regardless of what kind of guy he is, I guess we shouldn't be shocked if he's strayed from the relationship, because it's not like many of these reality TV romances actually work out in the first place. Granted, there have been a few exceptions, but most people don't find lasting love on the show.

Even though I'm not an Andi fan, for her sake, I hope this isn't true. It will be pretty humiliating for her if she has to rip Josh a new one on the "After the Final Rose" special.

Do you think Andi picked Josh, and do you think he's cheating on her?


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Ann Morris

then why is josh on the bachlorette if he doesnt have a girlfriend? i would think andi would pick him he is so nice looking and he might not be cheating???


Donna Corbosiero Marks

After the way she treated eric god rest his soul I am not even watching the rest of the show.i agree with eric she is fake.

nonmember avatar hugsandkisses

So what if he is in contact with Britty baby. He said he hasn't had a girlfriend in 5 years, and I believe him. My son is friends with his old girlfriends and it doesn't mean a thing. The media should stop trying to ruin everything!

Roberta Howard

I don't care.. Eric is gone and Andi treated him poorly..

nonmember avatar YUP

Andi was so nasty during Juan Pablo's series I refused to watch this one. She is a selfish, emasculating woman who walked off a Murder trial to be the Bachelorette. No respect for this one at all. I wouldn't be surprised if she scared off a man!

Daveena Hanson

NOT a fan of hers and I would bet money that this season has the all time lowest ratings!!! She sucks!!! Hope Josh cheated on her repeatedly!!!! Lol GO JOSH

nonmember avatar guest

Andi is rude, demanding and controlling ... pity any man that would chose her when there are so many other nicer persons. She will eventually mistreat anyone when she does not get her way.

sader... sadergirl

Once again Mary you are too lazy to do research. This Brittany McCord girl is A FAN that took a picture with Josh (and also his brother Aaron the same day I believe) and JOKED on twitter about a relationship not working out. So no, there is no proof he is cheating on Andi. But you writing a false story for the clicks isn't really a surprise. Been there, done that. 

nonmember avatar Tailisian

Andi? Ick, bleach, eww.. Enough said.

nonmember avatar marie

I think alot of us that watched(thanks to DVR) just saw her here on the show to further herself. She's in it for the money honey. Nick on the show was too

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