Kim Kardashian's New Wedding Picture Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

I know the general hoopla over their fairy tale nuptials has kind of died down, but wait until you see the new wedding photo Kim Kardashian shared of her and Kanye West posing with little North West -- because it's frame-worthy for sure. (Well, at least to put up somewhere in their house.)

If you thought the initial wedding pictures of Kim and Kanye standing in front of that flower-covered wall were gorgeous, then this shot is really going to take your breath away.

I'm not kidding, people -- it's pretty darn adorable.

Without further ado, I give you Kim, Kanye, and Nori's candid shot as a happy little family.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West North West

Aww! I love how the photographer captured such a tender moment between the three of them. (Sniff, sniff.) Kanye seems totally preoccupied with making sure Nori is ok, while Kim looks like an absolute goddess standing there under that veil.

And then Nori's all, "What the hell? Take the damn picture already, buddy -- the sun's in my eyes!"

I know plenty of folks give Kim and Kanye a hard time and automatically assume they'll never last, but for some reason, I'm rooting for them. They just seem so happy and in love, and it's obvious that they're committed to each other, so maybe they'll defy the odds as far as how long celebrity marriages typically last.

As for this particular photo? I honestly don't know how Kim managed to refrain from sharing it up until this point. It's definitely way too precious to keep under wraps!

Do you think Kanye and Kim are truly happy together?


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram; kimkardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Sherry

Sorry, this photo "does not" bring a tear to my eye!!!

nonmember avatar Talisian

Eyes are dry. Gap reflex has kicked in. Moved to vomit..

Dawn Dealmeida

I hope they do last..I think they will amuse they do seem very committed and very much in love,. People say what they want cause there all so jealous.. There a beautiful family and isn't that what people attack 1st.. And y.? They want what they have.. I think there happy well I hope they r and I wish the 3 of them the very best.. God bless the new West family.. :-)

nonmember avatar krystian


I can promise you that i do not want what theey have. Becasuse it is asll fake.

And that picture doesnt bring a tear to my eye at all.

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