Aviva Drescher’s Future Stepmom May Have Everyone Fooled

Dana Lavette Code and George TeichnerThey say not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to notice that something must be up with Aviva Drescher’s 76-year-old father, George Tiechner, and his 25-year-old fiancé, Dana Reeve Cody, on The Real Housewives of New York. 

Cody is articulate, classy, and educated, so you can’t help but wonder ... what in the world is she doing with someone so vile and crude like Aviva’s father?

According to Cody herself, who is a successful Miami businesswoman, she says that there’s more than what meets the eye in their relationship, which is based on trust and “true love.” In a new interview, Cody insists that her love isn’t motivated by financial gain.

George and I love each other and it's quite rare that you find a cultural and age difference and people can find peace and happiness with themselves and each other. This is not a gold digger situation. 

You almost want to believe Cody, right? But, for some reason, we just don't. With all the men out there, you’d think she’d find herself a more suitable partner. Let’s face it, she is the complete package with the right looks and the right brain, so I can’t help but wonder if she has everyone fooled here. We might just have Bravo’s next big reality star under our thumb and we don’t even know it yet.

She is either dating George to gain Real Housewives notoriety or is looking to climb up the New York socialite ladder. Whatever she's doing, she's definitely doing it to benefit herself more than George. While I believe her when she says she's not a gold digger, I don't quite believe it's true love either.

As far as George, we've only seen one side of him on screen, and it's been a rather misogynist, repulsive side, so it's difficult to say how he is in private. But it's hard to imagine he's that much different either -- at least not different enough to woo someone as amazing as Cody.

Tell us, what do you think of Cody’s relationship with Aviva Dresher’s father? Do you think the couple is sincerely in love or does Cody have something going on up her sleeve here?

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nonmember avatar wicked

Since, we now officially know that the Housewives' Franchise is semi scripted & the longevity of a Housewife career depends upon bringing a " storyline" ? All bets are off. 1) it could be love. 2) it might be a ruse to keep Aviva relevant. 3) Cody might be trying to secure a gig on the Housewives or her & George might have a Show to pitch to Bravo. Why would a successful, attractive business woman in her Twenties want to date a geriatric perv like George? Maybe she wants a Father or more accurately a Grandfather image. Maybe she just wants companionship. Maybe she has a bizarre old man fetish. Or, Maybe it is Reality TV BS. They look like a bad reveal from a social media ruse on MTV's Catfish! LOL! He said he was 35 not 35 times three!!LMAO!

nonmember avatar sandy

Anything is possible, so there is a chance that Cody and George have a connection that is true and real for each of them. That said, the odds say that that it is unlikely. And while this may seem hyperbolic or even crass, misguided relationships often form, due to past psychological or physical abuse. I am an attractive, highly educated woman from a "good" family, and I spent 6 years in an incredibly destructive, emotionally abusive relationship with a not-very-attractive, crude lothario. I chalk it up to my non-existent self-esteem following the end of a loving relationship, and also to confusion about the nature of love and loyalty. The latter stemmed from sexual abuse at an extremely young age. That stuff sticks with a person, and can cause bizarre attraction later on. I suspect that Cody is attracted to some dynamic with George that reminds her, subconsciously, of a damaging past relationship that provided a distorted sort of comfort.

nonmember avatar wicked

Or maybe their relationship is completely fabricated for our viewing entertainment, - gag-

Diana Stone Criss

George is vile and disgusting, it can only mean money for Cody! I couldn't stomach being in the same room as him without being highly highly paid and I think I would still have to think about it. Yuck, keep him off the show please Bravo

Bonnie Stone

I feel sorry for Cody, whatever her reason for being with that disgusting, repulsive, dirty old man. She must have a very strong constitution. I'm closer to his age and there is nothing in the world that would make me even speak to him. He makes my physically ill. 

Marilynne Dwire

Everyone is looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Why did Aviva lie about Cody, Miss USA, and the dirty old man? If iwa them I would sue the dumb bitch. Get her off the show. She is a wate.

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