Robert Pattinson's Rumored 'Star Wars' Role Is So Hot It's Unbelievable​

Robert Pattinson

If the rumors about him possibly being the new Indiana Jones weren't exciting enough, now there are reports saying that Robert Pattinson might be cast as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode 7. (Watch out, Harrison Ford. He's probably coming for Calista Flockhart next.)

And while a source told Hollywood Life that the Indiana Jones thing just ain't happening, he/she said, "What has been talked about is a standalone Han Solo film, younger Han Solo before everything that happened in Star Wars and the person who is on the high list to get the part is Robert Pattinson."

OMG. All I have to say about this is if Rob does wind up in the Star Wars flick, can I please take a crack at playing Princess Leah?

Seriously people, this might honestly be the hottest role Rob ever takes on if the rumors are true. Sure, die-hard Star Wars fans will probably argue that Harrison Ford can never be replaced. But if anyone can possibly come close to filling his shoes, it's Rob ... hands down.

Don't you think he'd look all sorts of hot behind the controls of a ... what do Star Wars peeps refer to them as? Spaceships? (My apologies if I'm not using the right term.)

While I'm totally on board with him playing Indiana Jones, something about the Han Solo role seems even sexier to me. I mean, either part would help him shed the Edward Cullen association, but if I had to choose? Yeah ... I'd rather see him in outer space than in ancient Egypt or wherever.

Fingers crossed that this becomes a reality, you guys. I didn't really have much interest in seeing Star Wars Episode 7 before, but if Rob is part of the deal, I'm SO in.

Do you think Rob would make a good Han Solo?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/"The Rover" -- Sydney Photo Call/Getty Images

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nonmember avatar Victoria

No, just no. No Indy. No Han. He's just wrong for the rolls. No fans of the franchise is going to accept some Twilight freak in our midst. The studios would be stupid to cast him, the movies would bomb.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@Victoria I couldn't agree more fan boys and girls of Star Wars do not like twilight they do not like him. If Disney casts him they will only be proving what fans have feared, that they will completely F up any and all Lucas Films.

nonmember avatar Real_Somebody

Rob would be great playing either or both parts. Haters give him a chance. Twilight readers did not think Rob was right for Edward Cullen either. Keep in mind Rob played a part in Twilight by a book all ready written. I would definitely go see Rob in both parts.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

@Victoria and @LeeshaE I completely disagree, I love the Star Wars franchise I grew up watching them. However, I also love the Twilight Saga along with Robert Pattinson. You cant make a general statement saying NO ONE will like both, because trust me some of us do. Also, don't assume I am some teenager because I am 26.

Elvisfan Harb

Not true I am a huge Star Wars fan and think Robert would be fantastic in any role as he is an amazing actor...he has played so many different roles and aces them every people who want to hate just because he did a role in twilight..get over yourselves.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

FML are they done trying to ruin good movies!? He's an ok actor, there is nothing phenomenal or outstanding about him, he looks like he needs to be scrubbed down and shaved frankly. List of movies he was meh to horrendous in

Harry Potter, Twilight series, Remember me, Water for Elephants, Cosmopolis

Becky Strike Schuman

i love star wars, indiana jones, and twilight and i think Rob is an awesome actor. i honestly liked him better in remember me than twilight but i think he could do a good job if given the chance. it wont exactly be the same but it's not like you can have the old actors play those roles, it's been too long. im excited to see what happens!

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