'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja Morgan Hints That She Slept With Carole's Ex -- Ew!

sonja morganWow! So much to discuss from tonight's RHONY episode. Where do I even begin? Ooh, I know! Let's start with the ep's special guest star: Former Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Yes! She was on the show -- only for two minutes -- but still! I kind of miss her after seeing her. She was modeling a dress for a cancer charity event LuAnn De Lesseps was hosting, and she seems good in case you've been up at night recently wondering.

Now, on to the drama ...

Two big things happened on Tuesday's episode: One, Sonja Morgan may or may not have slept with Carole Radziwill's adorable ex-boyfriend, Russ Irwin from Aerosmith; and two, Aviva Drescher is straight-up cray. Let's start with Sonja.

Sonja invited Kristen Taekman over to her place for a facial, and the aesthetician, who seemed to know all the NYC gossip, let it slip that she heard that Sonja slept with Russ ... while he was still with Carole. Sonja didn't deny the accusations at all but instead seemed to revel in the attention she was getting. When Kristen went back and told Carole what she heard, cool Carole barely batted an eyelash, saying Sonja isn't Russ's type and the more likely scenario is that Sonja just likes being talked about and getting attention. I tend to agree with Carole here.

The other main event was Aviva. Sorry, but the woman's got issues, guys. During the charity lunch LuAnn was hosting, Aviva made a big scene of texting Heather Thomson something, to which Heather acted shocked, to which, naturally, the rest of the group wanted to see what the fuss was about. Aviva's text was about how a former Miss USA was at the event, and she supposedly slept with her father, George, and his fiance the night before. Like, what? In what world would that ever happen? The woman was young, gorgeous, and did I mention a former Miss USA? What the hell would she be doing with George?

After the lunch was over, Ramona Singer got to the bottom of things, and as it turned out, Former Miss U didn't in fact sleep with Aviva's father ... which means either Aviva or her father made the whole thing up.

The ep ended with, what else, a fight. This time it was between LuAnn and Aviva at Aviva's house. LuAnn called Aviva out for her antics at the luncheon and more or less called her a liar, which Aviva did not like. Words were exchanged; wine was drunk; and if you ask me, Aviva's still the nuttiest in the group.

Something strange has been going on with Aviva this season. My guess is she didn't like what she saw last season, so she's trying to spice things up a bit and act more "fun" and "edgy." It isn't a good look. Of course, fun and edgy are usually positive traits, but when they don't seem genuine, they can be kind of gross.

Do you think Sonja slept with Russ? What do you think of Aviva?


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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Well if Sonja likes to be talked about maybe hearing the words whore and slut following her name would really get her excited.

nonmember avatar Sharon

If I were the former Miss America I would sue the hell out of every one of the old hags. What they said and did was wrong on so many levels.

nonmember avatar wicked

Thanks for the re-cap. I am traveling, so I missed it. Aviva is one disturbed, housewife. Russ might have slept with Sonja. Us guys are not too discriminating when libated with enough alcohol. I am not sure why Sonja would lie about such a thing? Then again, this is Mrs. Morgan. Aviva, Aviva, Aviva.. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy..

nonmember avatar rina

If Sonja hasn't had every STD know to man, it's a miracle...I am thinking that this season she is trying way to hard to be relevant....no wonder the old millionaire dude dumped her. He has to be so embarrassed by her behavior.

Bonnie Stone

Aviva and Ramona are both off the charts crazy and Sonja..is just a wacko. I'm surprised Mr. Morgan is not demanding custody of his daughter. She's coming off like such a pig. 

Maria Foster

I tend to agree with Wicked - men don't discriminate much when you add alcohol and shove it in their face and as we've seen, Sonja tends to shove herself down most men's faces.  Yes, usually they are boys, but this is a member of Aerosmith so she probably wanted the guy just based off of fame.  She's quite comfy with her sexuality - good for her I guess.  As far as Aviva and her daddy - Issues abound in that family and I find them disgusting....

Maryanne Bush

I think Sonja will do and say anything for attention. It may have happened in her mind during a drunken spree. As for Aviva, she and her father are disgusting. I cannot imagine a world where these two think anything they say to each other is acceptable. She has children for God's sake, exposing them to George has to be close to child endangerment.

nonmember avatar Iris goland

Not an enjoyable season for RHONY. It's bad when Kelly Bensimon seems appealing.

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