Khloe Kardashian Calls Her Mom Something No Daughter Ever Should

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian recently had a heartfelt message for her mom, Kris Jenner: "Mom, you're a whore." Awww. Khloe posted a pic of her and her mother having lunch -- it appears to be a still from the show -- with the words "The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho" emblazoned under what is Kris in her big hoop earrings. So tell us how you really feel, Khloe.

Of course, Khloe has a colorful sense of humor, so no doubt she was just joshing around. I always jokingly call my mother a whore, don't you?

But you have to admit, Kris is kind of deserving the appellation lately. Not only did she rock her body to a pole-dancing class recently, but she posed in a wet white T-shirt that left absolutely zilch to the imagination. Of course, no woman deserves to be called a "whore" just because she likes to dress sexy. Unless it's your mom, and then it's perfectly fine.

But, ya know, Kris doesn't exactly have the most sterling reputation either -- considering she herself admits to cheating on her first husband Robert Kardashian. So much so that rumors have always abounded that Khloe isn't Robert's biological child.

Also, mama Kris has certainly been accused of pimping out her daughters -- even going so far as to (supposedly) orchestrate a sex tape with Kim in it. The very one that catapulted Kim to infamy ... and eventually, real fame.

But let's not get so heavy here. This was just Khloe having a little fun. We know she loves her mom. And we know Kris would think this is funny and not get offended.

That reminds me, I need to call my whore soon. You too! Don't forget to call your whores! I mean, your moms!


Images via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar wicked

Okay, Kris Jenner is despised. Why? She made her children millionaires? The Awful Bitch! She owned up to her infidility and made amends. That shows character. She could have kept it secret. Regarding the sex tape. The sex tape was out there. The only way to regain some form of control was to profit off of it. It really is simple. Kris wasn't there, filming the damn thing! LOL! Personally, Kris could adopt me. I would be a better more appreciative son than her slacker off spring, Rob! Awww. Khloe is so sweet. She should embroider that saying on a pillow. Dude, really?

nonmember avatar joyce

I would of never talked to my mom like that, But have so much fun with my daughter n law and her daughter with the Hi Bitch, they think I am so fun. So no No problem as shown neither does Kris with her daughter, when its all good It's ALL GOOD. Bitches :) have a good rest of the day.

nonmember avatar carmie

I would never talk 2 my mom in that ever as i was not brought using that kind of language.....but then my precious mom is not Kris.

nonmember avatar HoHoHo

Need I say more?

nonmember avatar gec

You guys are SO ridiculous. Kris knows that Khloé was joking as well as most people do. and if not, so what? Krazy for Kardashians, you're pathetic!!!!! all you do is twist the things they say to make it look bad when it's not at all! Get a life!

nonmember avatar wicked

Humm. I believe this is her life. She writes Blogs about the Krapdadhians and here we are reading & commenting on her blogs. Seems to me that Krazy for the Kardashians has a life and is pretty good at her job. How about you? Just saying.

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