Kate Middleton Slammed by Sharon Osbourne for Most Ridiculous Reason

Kate Middleton

When it comes to her appearance, we're really not used to hearing anyone say anything remotely negative. That's why it's just plain outrageous that Sharon Osbourne is criticizing Kate Middleton's makeup, calling it "dated and hard."

Oh yes ... she went there. She told stylist Mark Heye, "I think Kate should stop wearing the black eyeliner -- I don’t like the black eyeliner, I think it is way too hard because she is so stunning and she needs to open her eyes out, not close them."

Heck, even Kelly Osbourne was taken aback by her comment and acknowledged that her mum would likely receive backlash for making such a bold statement.

She said, "I'm just waiting to see what wrath of fury you are going to get for saying that! There are certain people in this world that will always be untouchable."

And then Sharon chimed in with, "But I'm not saying a bad word -- I think she is an amazing young woman, she is gorgeous, but the black eyeliner is so dated and it's just too hard."

Ok, we get it Shar -- you're not an eyeliner fan. But is it really that bad on Kate? I mean, has her face ever looked anything less than absolutely stunning?

I sort of get where she was going with this one, because less is more when it comes to eye makeup. But what's up with the "she needs to open her eyes out, not close them ..." bit? Um, I'm no expert, but anytime I see photos of Kate, her eyes appear to be very open to me.

Hopefully if the Duchess of Cambridge hears Sharon's comments, she'll focus on the positive aspect of what she said and won't take the insult to heart. Kate has definitely had her fair share of less than perfect moments (you know, like that bare bum photo) -- but her makeup is absolutely fine just the way it is.

Do you think Kate wears too much makeup?


Image via WPA Pool/The Duchess of Cambridge Visits the National Maritime Museum/Getty Images

kate middleton


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nonmember avatar Jolee Machushrk

Sharon just wants to stay in the news. Who cares at least Duchess Katherine has all natural God given beauty not plastic surgery replaced....right Sharon.

Evelyn Skinner

I think she is most beautiful inside and out and with the eyeliner and  Sharon is just a jealous cat .


nonmember avatar Chrysanthe

That's not the first negative comment that's been made regarding her makeup. And I agree. She shouldn't use black eyeliner. It is too harsh for her. And she should have let an expert do her makeup on her wedding day. It could have looked more natural and flattering.

nonmember avatar Cassi

Yeah, I have always thought her eyeliner wasn't the greatest :/

Esperanza M. Ruiz

maybe she is giving her an in direct message.

Debbie Learn

Duchess Katherine looks fabulous with the eyeliner. I think it opens her beautiful blue eyes. Maybe Sharon Osbourne is a bit jealous. Like, a lot bit jealous. Just sayin'. Duchess Katherine is the most stunning woman in the world ! And there are going to be people who will be jealous of her.

Marilyn Cruze Sorensen

I think that Kate is beautiful and her makeup is fine the way it is. She doesn't need someone else telling her how to wear her makeup. She looks great!!

nonmember avatar Richard

Sharon god , you are not and never have been atractive . Even your children arent so but out.

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