Emily Maynard Spiced Up Her Wedding Dress With a Surprising Twist

emily maynard engagedCan you believe -- Emily Maynard got married and she didn't even invite us to the wedding! Now we're left trolling the web for photos. And speaking of that, have you seen the pictures of Emily Maynard's wedding gown? She hasn't posted any herself, but someone managed to sneak a few, and we'd like to thank that person because what a dress. It's so Emily. There's a strapless bodice with floral embellishment over a fluffy tulle skirt. So sweet and feminine my teeth hurt just looking at it. But then Em added a clever little non-traditional twist.

Instead of an all-white gown, she added a wee bit of color with a pale pink sash. Love it! But that's not all. We hear Mrs. Emily Johnson wore cowboy boots under that gown. Whoa there, cowgirl! She is a pretty traditional gal, so we expected to see a classic wedding gown. But that cheeky pink sash and the boots remind us that Emily is going to do things her way. She likes to be unpredictable and unconventional -- in just the teensiest ways.

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We wish we could see the full ensemble, dress with the boots. But I think we'll have to wait a bit longer. Em didn't Instagram her wedding photos (EHRMAGERD, why not?!? Oh yeah, because maybe she wanted it to be special and private), but I'm sure she took formal portraits. And I'm sure she'll let someone publish them eventually. Don't wait too long, Mrs. Johnson!

Apparently Emily's cake matched her dress -- pink, topped with white and pink roses. And we've learned a few more details about the wedding. She and Tyler sent invitations in the form of toy View-Masters to what they called an engagement party. But after the 200 guests arrived, the party suddenly turned into a wedding, with Emily walking down the aisle on her father's arm. It was a surprise to the guests. Oh Emily! You're so full of surprises.

What do you think of the idea of wearing a wedding dress with cowboy boots?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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nonmember avatar L

Who cares about her--I don't!

Michaelene Garsen Kavasch

I think if that's what she wanted, than who cares. My daughter also did, they were white & brand new. She got out there & danced n pulled p her dress & everyone started cheering. It was priceless. He husband didn't even know it. She also put cowboy hats on herself & her husband. I thought it was so cute......

mymanben mymanben

My cousin had a wedding like that. Every in the wedding wore cowboy boots. The wedding was in a barn. Her cake topper was a newly wed couple in a John deer tractor

Roberta Howard

Who cares what she did or does.. Take care of her daughter .. That should be her #1 priority..

Oh right ..we are talking about Emily Maynard.. She will ask the Hendericks to do that responsibilty..

Cowboy boots are truly not that uncommon for a wedding.. 

Barbara Scott Robison

Congrats. Emily. All the best. Glad you finally found someone to love and loves you back.

Sandra Justice

For all of you that say you "don't care" why then did you take the time out of your busy life to comment about what you "don't care" about... Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. @@ SMH!!!! Good Luck Em, Tyler and Rickki. Be happy and overlook the haters. They'll just go on to the next couple hating on them. Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope Ya Know? LOL

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