'RHOC's Heather Dubrow Gets Stabbed in the Back By EVERYONE (VIDEO)

It would be more honest to just strangle her on camera. The vilification of Heather Dubrow at the hands of Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and their producers continued last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I found some of the accusations laughable. Don't worry; I'll explain in today's exclusive video. Also, the Ladies of London rated very well last week, and they are BACK, in ballgowns, no less. Let's dissect it all, shall we?

I'm beginning to think the Orange County ladies would have a problem with Heather breathing at the moment. Heather can't do one single thing right. She can't offer her castmate a free commercial, she can't make amends with Shannon, she can't even be a mother correctly! Did you know that she's the anti-Christ? I wonder whether Bravo is upset that hubby Terry Dubrow is doing his own show on E! with Paul Nassif -- do you think that if Adrienne Maloof were still on Beverly Hills, she would also be punished for Paul leaving the fold? Regardless, I go behind-the-scenes of not only the Housewives, but also news shows and how they work.

Next, we pop over to London to check on its Ladies. This week, it's all about the further introduction of the women, a PR move worthy of Scandal's Olivia Pope (if she were real), and a big party with beautiful gowns. I go behind the scenes to discuss how one gets invited to such events, the different rules for Joe and Jane Public versus celebrities, and how Noelle Reno may have found herself in such a situation. Click below to enjoy today's exclusive episode and don't forget to comment and question!

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How do you think Heather should handle this obvious betrayal?


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nonmember avatar wicked

Betrayal? I would call this fiasco, displaced anger. Heather wasn't wrong ( this time) but the Ladies are still upset by Heather's previous treatment of her. Trailer Park Tamera, is a dolt. She is upset at Heather in general and is incapable of articulating this in a civil manner. Thus, Trashy T, creates trouble.

Honestly, I must comment that there is a certain art to taking a brilliant business opportunity and transforming a positive into a negative. I was taken back by this. The chick voice octaves went up and my male ears shut down. Happy Holidays, Great Party.. Meow, hiss, growl, meow, hiss, growl. BTW, Lizzie is a shyte stirrer. Whoa. Huge bitch move. She called Shannon & Tamera out in front of Heather. Awkward! LOL! BTW: Alex McCord? Eck..

nonmember avatar Bec

So wonderful to have Alex back! Love hearing your opinion!

nonmember avatar DameAng

I found Tamara's behavior typical of the Housewives in that when she is giving the rest of the ladies the low down she included details she never mentioned to Heather, ie, her chef and some other friend were on the morning show when she was sub hosting. Lies she knew Heather could disprove or what? Heather has been chosen to be hated, is this jealously, huge new home to be built,possible regular job on morning LA show(big deal). She just doesn't bother me, though I must say it was Vickie insisting that Shannon sit next to her, so I think Heather's blaming Shannon is misplaced. I feel part of Shannon's problem is her marriage is in the toilet. That "get away" sham she and her husband went on was one of the most awkward real things on reality TV. He comes across as few brick short of a load. The husband who is coming across a bit arrogant is Terry, and I have always liked him the best of the OC hubands. I think your point about Heather being a East coast person is correct also and not wanting to down up here and not down there, she is more polished than most of the other girls certainly Vickie and Tamara. I think of her(in the past) as an observer of the women the way Carol can be on the NY show. Either one can be snarky but in a sophisticated, clever way. You didn't say much about Lizzie letting the cat, er, tiger out of the bag. Was that scene sooooo high school?

Crystal Lynn West

i honesty thin Heather should of learn how Vicki and Tamara where because of what they did to Alexis and Gretchen. I think the ladies do not like Heather and they want her gone so that is why they are gain up on Heather. So I think Heather well be gone next season. I know on one of the episodes Tamara turn to Heather and said I want them gone and they are gone. You cant trust them ladies they are all snakes

Diana Stone Criss

Heather is a snooty bitch and can't stand her. She acts above everyone. She needs to get the stick out of her ass. Her husband is three kinds of puss. Can't stand her or her dumbass coward of a hubby

nonmember avatar EmmyKae

Tamra commented in her blog that the three guests on GDLA were all personal friends and acquaintances of Heathers. Therefore, she did at least have the opportunity to ask CUT Fitness to be on the show. Heather was a bridesmaid of Tamra's, so they were supposedly more than RHW friends. I do understand why she was hurt but they have taken the road to off Heather to a new level. Bravo has made her completely unlikeable.

justj123 justj123

As Alex says BRAVO PRODUCERS TELL THE HOUSEWIVES WHAT TO SAY !! I always knew it was a "BIG FAKE STORY" cuz the FIRST season was NOT like this train wreck has become!! If I was Heather I would have told all of them to stick it where the sun don't shine and walk the heck out of there!! She just lowered herself to their trashy POS level!!

Becky Lombardi-Reid

Interesting perspectives, I must say. Heather has been bothering me from the beginning. Not just this season. Never thought about the New York vs California mentality. That could be it, but I think Heather would fit in perfect with The Ladies of London. The ones from London I mean. Some folks just believe they are more special than the rest of us. I am so tired of Heather always needing to "educate" the other housewives. In every conversation she has with them she is correcting and setting the others straight about everything. She forgot that she did not have a say in how this was going to be edited and it makes her look really bad.

nonmember avatar Patti

I was worried about Heathers children being traumatized when she and her husband played the part of the TV program that Heather had a small part in. Seems Heather wanted to make sure we saw her "GORY" bit part she played with BLOOD" on her face. As always, Heather wanting herself to be viewed by the audience who tunes into the RHOC. That's Heather! Always thinking about herself first and children last. I'm sure SOME of the children knew it was fake.. that "mom" was ACTING & Heather possibly explained all this to the children HOPEFULLY. BUT, her children are still very young. Even I couldn't sleep well after watching a scary movie/show like that !! And especially I would not want to see my Mother, of all people on TV, being HURT! and blood (fake blood ) all over her! I'll bet that's why Heather and her children did the advertising for the movie ECHO!! She had to do SOMETHING to get her childrens minds OFF their BLOODY MOMS face that the children HAD to watch on TV. For shame Heather. Anything for your "career." Another thing Heather, you think the women talk about you behind your back, but YOU DO NOT JUST TALK TO TERRY ABOUT THE OTHERS, you also go to the other women and TALK BEHIND THIER BACKS TOO! !!! And you put your own "spin" on what happened to make yourself look good. I'm SO disappointed in you! Hope this is all BRAVO and NOT the real you in every day life!!

nonmember avatar savvypig

Heather du brow is a nasty narcistic woman. Get her off the show

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