Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Are Losing Control of Their Relationship

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian

Well? According to the latest rumors, Kris Jenner is pressuring Kourtney Kardashian to marry Scott Disick, especially now that she's pregnant with her third child. Apparently Kris just can't bear the thought of relinquishing control of her daughters -- even though she knows that they're full grown adults who are capable of making their own decisions. 

And wait until you hear why Kris supposedly can't stand the idea of Kourt remaining an unmarried woman any longer -- because it's just about as old fashioned as it gets.

A source told the Daily Mail:

Committing to parent three kids, when you haven't even committed to each other, doesn't cut it in Kris's book. She comes from a time when, if a girl got pregnant and was still single, she got married as soon as possible.

Although she understands times have changed, she still has religious values and feels it's only right that Scott make an 'honest woman' out of her little girl.

Huh. Seriously? Kris definitely has her moments, but I'm not sure I'm buying the whole morals and values thing. I mean, Kourtney already has two kids with Scott and they aren't married, so why should having a third have to change the status of their relationship?

The idea of Kris pressuring Kourt and Scott to marry isn't all that unbelievable, but if it's true, there's only one reason Kris is being so insistent, and it has nothing to do with religion.

Duh. She's simply trying to keep her empire afloat for as long as possible. With Kim Kardashian's wedding over, she needs another big event to keep fans tuning in for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Sure, Kourt's pregnancy is mildly intriguing, but another over-the-top wedding would certainly create a lot of additional (and much needed) buzz around the fam. And how can she and Scott refuse to get hitched if doing so helps bump up their paychecks? Hell, they'd be stupid to pass up another opportunity to cash in.

And if Kris can get Kourt married off in 2014, then she can focus on Khloe tying the knot again in 2015. Perhaps a couple of new marriages will breathe new life into the show again. (Hey, you never know!)

Do you think Kourtney and Scott will ever get married?


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Dottie Hall

I have a real good idea Kris. Stay out your children's business. Get your own life. REALLY !

nonmember avatar wicked

Come on. Really? Has Kourtney ever listened to her Mother? No. Does Kourtney value her Mother's opinion? No. So, why go there. If, it was important to Kourtney she would be married by now. However, she should get a financial agreement. CA is a community property state & since Scott & Kourtney have cohabited for Years, they might already be considered Common Law Spouses. If, you are married and have an iron clad prenuptial agreement you are much better off. Just saying.

Raewyn Clout

Yes when they're ready to commit Kourtney and scott will marry and if they dont marry oh well they have their own reasons.

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