'Ladies of London' Recap: Noelle Reno Is Clearly a Gold-Digger

noelle reno If you missed last week's first-ever episode of Bravo's new series Ladies of London, you missed a delicious treat. If you are me, you watched it, you loved it, and you came back for more tonight. Verily, not one of us came away disappointed. I think if Henry James were not a-molderin' in the grave, even he would proclaim this show to be the panacea to his reality craving.

To catch you up to speed -- the show is about London society. It follows some Brits who are very much in the scene and some American Ex-Pats who are desperately trying to crawl their way to the top, one bad hat at a time. Tonight they were all preparing to go to the Serpentine, an annual must-attend party for the city's who's who.

Noelle Reno was desperate to attend. So desperate she bought a dress, went and got her hair done, and dragged her boyfriend to a pre-party to shame him for not being able to get her tickets. Because that is what bitchy, gold-diggers do. #Beccaiskeepingitrealyo. 

Noelle is dating Scot Young -- who is a rogue and a half. He's embroiled in loads of scandal about his divorce, his criminal activities, and a world of financial woes. But Noelle got her hooks in him before that all happened, and now she's got to stand by her man or else be revealed for the material-minded hussy that she is.

I sound like I'm being exceptionally harsh. That's because I just had to watch a woman sneer at a luxury apartment rental that her sugar daddy was going to happily rent for her, and then watch her shake him off when the offer of a free ticket to this party came up. So yeah, I'm being harsh, but with good reason. Right now everyone seems to just sort of admire Noelle's hustle. How long before she pisses everyone else off?

Do you think Noelle really loves Scott?


Image via BravoTV

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youth... youthfulsoul

I agree. She made herself look real bad last night. Felt sorry for her fiancé. He needs to run for the hills.

nonmember avatar Pcofwork

A shameless social climber, what kind of a "lady" would ditch her man like that, just so she can "possibly" get her picture in the paper? I would NEVER to that to my husband, either we go together, or we don't go at all. It's just a party, perspective people. And the way she continues to bring up the whole gold-digging scenario, obviously irks her so much, because there is truth to it. Scot, if that didn't show you just how selfish of a person she is, than you two belong together.

Jenny Palmer-Gray

I LOVE this show too- I can't stop watching it. I agree that it was pretty low that she ditched him the first chance she got. You do have to wonder about her motives. Perhaps the reason he is not divorced after 4 years is he doesn't really want to be.

nonmember avatar Kayla

This show is not disimilar to all female cast of reality shows. I don't know maybe I'm too simple, visceral or just too real quite frankly to wrap

My mind around the concept of this level of stupid, superficial elitism.

Now I am respectful of people's choices when they differ from my own but I found these women to be nauseating. The Americans were the worst they are all so desperate to put up fronts and unrealistic images about who they truly are. The britts are just as bad just less vocal. The effort to present themselves as important to this stiff boring culture was exhausting.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being wealthy or even working to obtain wealth. But own who and what u are. Even if u decide to fcuk to get there. I like nice things and enjoy a good life but to spend my energy chasing fake acceptance and swallowing spunk snobbery for people unworthy to run a "commoner's" bath water is irritating to watch.

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