'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Judge Is Mad at Heather Dubrow for the Wrong Reason

Heather Dubrow Oh, Heather Dubrow. Truly, does pride goeth before the fall. We always knew the only woman in Orange County to ace every vocab quiz in the sixth grade would not hold her place in the sun forever. The collective gaggle of wenches have decided that Heather has grown too big for her britches. It's funny that this decision was made in the wake of Heather building a literal castle on a hill. But let's pretend we don't think jealousy has anything to do with it, shall we?

Heather has gotten a gig co-hosting Good Day L.A.! How will it impact her family life and how she relates to her friends? This sounds like a movie Holly Hunter would maybe star in if the year were 1991. Sadly, it is not. Heather is eager to share her news with her best friend Tamra "Stop Using Large Words" Judge. But Tam Tam is not pleased. 

Tam Tam is mad! Whyfore does she begrudge her friend's local television fluff news success? Because Heather spurned the gym run by Tam and Eddie "He Was Definitely a Stripper You Guys" Judge. The nerve! Tamra should actually be angry at Heather for being condescending and impossible. Just sayin'. 

I am about to say a thing that I once thought I would only utter when the three death-heads of the Apocalypse rode past on their skeletal steeds: Vicki Gunvalson was right. The Queen of Insurance gamely pointed out to Tamra that her anger at Heather was misplaced. Heather had no say then, and now she does and she's recruiting her friend. But Tamra will not hear reason. She is all hurt feelings and horrifying white inner-eye liner. She will have vengeance!

No, actually, she will just have petty gossip about Heather behind the woman's back. It's newbie Lizzie Rovsek who goads the twosome into fighting. Don't think I didn't see you hit the red button Rovsek. I'm onto your game. Heather didn't make things any easier by turning into an angry, squeaky, defensive jerk. Nobody came out of this episode smelling like a rose. Except for maybe Terry Dubrow -- can we revisit the fact that his brother STARTED QUIET RIOT? TAKE US OUT BOYS!


Do you think Tamra was overreacting?


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nonmember avatar kim

I think tamra has her priorities wrong,always running to shannon or Vickie talking about Heather. She's. A liar and a back stabbing winch. She thinks she's always right. And shannon is nothing but a drunken oc house wife, who treats her husband like dirt,

nonmember avatar wicked

Heather has behaved like a complete controlling, jealous, micromanaging "mean girl", all season. I am usually team Heather but this season?I just can't.

What Tamera attacked Heather over was ridiculous and out in left field. Also, discussing all of this with new housewives,? Especially, while Heather is almost in ear shot at a dinner party isn't exactly a socially acceptable "girl code" move, but hey, we are talking about, " Trailer Park Tammy". Tamera is upset at Heather for many substantial authenticity sound reasons, hosting a TV talk show which promoted a rival Gym in the past, is not one of them. Did Tamera hear that Heather wanted to promote her Gym on Good Morning LA? Crazy women. I dunno know. Chick drama..

nonmember avatar Lizzy

Tammy girl has some serious problems with other friends that are more successful than her. She is shallow and a sad excuse of a friend. Heather did her a favor and of course it is poor me. You girls should know by now she always turns on you just like a pitbull.

nonmember avatar Annoyed

Tamra is a joke! God how many times does she act like a horrible person then say oh I know I was horrible but now I'm trying to be a better person. I feel really bad for everyone around her she is just toxic.

nonmember avatar Mary

There is definitely something odd about Terry. I have not seen a plastic surgeon on a TV show that hasn't indulged in surgery. I believe Terry was originally on The Swan years ago. Now with the Quiet Riot brother connection, I know why he seemed so familiar

nonmember avatar Ashley

There was a girl at the Christmas party that Vicki was talking to that I KNOW I have seen on tv somewhere. Maybe on a season of The Bachelor? Can anyone help me out??

nonmember avatar Marsha

Absolutely Tamra is an instigator and troublemaker. Creates drama and pits people against each other. Poor Heather the only consistent housewife. Tamra screwed up! Don't promote Tamra's Gym. She needs to learn a lesson. Housewives would be better without Tamra! Can Her. Poor Eddie!

nonmember avatar Marsha

Shannon is a very gullible manipulated woman! She cannot see that Tamra Creates the division and then says "I feel I am in the middle" Tamra, You are in the middle, you created it!!

nonmember avatar carol

It was a great ambush, and Heather deserved it. She was actually shocked at being confronted...something that should happen more often to shut her up and put her in her place. Heather is a know-it-all snobby bitch and I can't stand her anymore. Good job, ladies!

nonmember avatar ptsmith

Tamra is the pot stirrer. Be glad when she is off the show!

And where did Shannon come from? What's up with her teeth? I feel sorry for her husband.

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