Kris Jenner Takes Her Competition With Kim Way Too Far

Kim KardashianRemember that time your mom posed in a white wet T-shirt, making it totally see-through? Yeah, me neither. Thank god. But Kim Kardashian does. Because it just happened. On the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, matriarch Kris Jenner posed in a pool wearing a sheer white shirt, which immediately became a nipple show-off-er upon contact with water. Kim was mortified. We were even more mortified.

Kim groused:

I think she is so funny and amazing. But my mom literally copies everything I do. I posted this swimsuit picture and then mom posted a swimsuit picture right afterwards. I mean, I get it, but come on.

She also said she and her mom have this "weird competition thing." Amazing Kris hasn't gotten pregnant yet -- or married a rapper.

This is so much worse than when my mom would Facebook my friends.

Granted, Kris doesn't need to crawl into an old folks' home, or take up knitting, as she herself joked. But there does come a time when pole-dancing and wet T-shirts should be left behind. (Preferably at about 21, if you need to do it at all.)

Kris does look pretty good, and maybe there's nothing wrong with a grandmother showing off her tatas -- but that doesn't mean there's anything right about it either. I suppose the time for dignity has already left the building for Kris, so maybe she just wants to take it to the next level. I dunno. How long before we see her with a 22-year-old boytoy? Again, men do it all the time, so hey ... but it looks kind of pathetic when men do it too.

I'm kind of torn on this one. Embarrassing or empowering? You be the judge. I'm just going to try and forget those wet T-shirt pictures!

Do you think Kris should act her age?

Image via krisjenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Teri

come on peeple, kris jenner has had EXTENSIVE AND EXPENSIVE cosmetic surgery and she has the BEST readily available make up artists with her at all times! Also a personal trainer. WHY shouldnt she look good at ANY age?? She should act her age, be with her peers and act more like a mother than a fellow tramp! Showing her boobs and nipples at a photo shoot! Playboy or Penthouse will be next????

MileyWHO MileyWHO

How can she possibly think she isn't the biggest joke in that family? She can pose all day with her mouth open like she's sooooo surprised someone snapped her picture, and she can keep trying to outdo Kim and the other girls with her own lewd behavior..but she comes across as need and insecure and a LOT of other things..I'm laughing every time I see it.

Cindy McGraw

It would be nice, already. Like 30 years ago.

nonmember avatar Sanya Bear

GROSS ! shes a grandmother imagine when her grandchildren see her desperate pics when they get older .. fuckin grow up kris you sick woman .. wheres your dignity ?

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