Devastated Khloe Kardashian Forced to Move Out of Her Home Because of Lamar

Khloe KardashianAlthough Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been kaput for awhile (she filed for divorce last December after months of swirling rumors of impending marriage doom), we're just now watching some of the drama unfold on the brand new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Including Khloe's emotional reaction to being forced to leave the home she shared with Lamar during their marriage before she was ready. When it was clear things were over, Khloe put the house on the market, but wasn't expecting it to sell in a lickety-split four days.

E! Online shared a bonus clip from Sunday night's premiere episode of KUWTK, and Khloe looks like she's in a bit of a stupor trying to figure out what to pack, what to keep, what to sell with the house -- which she had listed as furnished. And the kicker is that she only has 10 days to do it in.

With her bestie Malika on hand to help and for moral support, Khloe laments, "It's a lot for me to handle and a lot of stress ... I don't know what I'm willing to part with and I don't know where I'm moving so I don't know what I want to take."

Malika advises her to take it "a step at a time," and "start with the groundwork," as Khloe wraps fancy china plates in bubble wrap.

"Just start with the groundwork," Malika advises Khloé in an attempt to calm her nerves. "Take it a step at a time."

"It's really hard to move when I have to make all these decisions by myself," Khloe responded. "I'm not ready to leave my house. It wasn't supposed to sell this fast!"

It must've been a total emotional roller coaster for the reality star. We saw last season that Khloe ended up living out of her car for awhile rather than stay in her marital home, but she ended up back there, seemingly defeated. With that in mind, you think she'd be more than eager to get rid of it, but there's a sort of finality that happens once papers are signed and new owners are ready to move in.

And I think it's interesting that Khloe bemoaned having to make all the decisions herself and not being quite ready to move on because it's freaking hard to make all the hard decisions yourself is indicative of the larger problem with her marriage to Lamar.

Lamar seems to be very controlling, and unable to face the reality of what a crappy husband he was to Khloe. They couldn't sit down and have an honest conversation about their marriage being over -- instead Khloe had to do it herself, while her clinger ex-husband went on to say, "She'll always be my wife, no matter what."

It's hard to make to all those tough decisions on your own, with no help from the one person who was supposed to love you best. Thankfully, we know that Khloe seems to have moved on since this episode was filmed, and hopefully all of her Lamar baggage got left behind at the house. Now if she could just get divorce finalized ...

Are you surprised that Lamar was MIA when Khloe was deciding what to keep and what to sell with the house?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar wicked

For someone who lacks empathy and is so quick to offer he unsolicited advice and criticism? Khloe is certainly lacking emotionally maturity. I can't deal! She screamed like a raving lunatic. Khloe is certainly unequipped to deal with grown up decisions. When you put a home on the market, normal people have already created an exit plan. Lamar is an addict. He is incapable of making decisions. This is why she filed for divorce, yes? She is just so loud and obnoxious. I have a difficult time feeling sorry for her. She has a family supporting her but she is telling at them and throwing tantrums. I just can't with her. OJ's love child.. Man, she sure looks like OJ.

nonmember avatar wicked

* yelling at her family.

Also, selling your house in 4 fays at full price is a good thing. This girl lives in a fantasy world. The entire season she kept the truth about Lamar and his drug problems secret from her family. She slept in her car. She takes Lamar's phone calls. She swears Rob to secrecy. That is the behavior of a classic enabler. Khloe isn't even seeking a therapist to work through her feelings? Yeah, French is more than likely a rich loser with some form of dysfunction. Khloe is running away from her own problems and she is a fricken ugly slob mess of a human being. I do not feel sorry for her and I think she is s mean, loud, obnoxious sow..

nonmember avatar Jenn

How is that lacking emotionally maturity. I know very responsible, educated people that would be emotional and frustrated during a divorce... Grow up.. and if you don't like the family, get off a page that posts about them constantly.... #WhosImmature?

nonmember avatar j.m

Who are we to judge her, no one deserves to go through what she is going through, how quick people are to judge, but if it was you guys going through it i bet you wouldn't like it if people judged you, if you don't like her keep your rude comments to your self..

nonmember avatar wicked

It is a blog. It is my opinion. If you don't like my opinion then don't read it. Quite simple.

nonmember avatar All heart

Iv been in her shoes my ex was an addict and its nothing to keep it a secret from the embarassment the judges of others u shouldnt say how she acts everyboidy is different & if u was in her shoes how would u act ....

Sue Montoya

Its easy sell anything to do with him and have a garage sale on anything u dont want so you dont have to move it. Its hard but you need to move on and part of that is anything that reminds you of him need to go. Your smart and very strong believe in your self. Dont let anyone talk down to you, you are better than that. Just a mom's point of view.

Marina Margiotta

welcome to the real world Khloe not everything is peach's and cream in the real life

I am 36yrs old with 4 kids and living on my own now since I was 12yrs and I did not hav anything served to me on a silver plater I busted my ass to make a living everyday for my kids they are my number 1 to me in my books.

Khole please understand ok your a grown women now yes things will be hard as life pass's you by

with heart achs not everything can be bought on a silver plater listion to your heart not to what everyone else says do what feels right to you not how the world see's you

I understand that you grew up in the spot light all your life

there does come a time when you need to alone and away from the camera's

and find out who you are inside where the heart is

can you honestly answer this when some one ask you ( Who are you really ?   Who is Khole ?)

can you look at your self in the mirrior day in and day out and say I have pride confindence I can hold my head up high and say I know who I am with out shedding a single tear ?)

please look after your self  and take care god bless



nonmember avatar Tracey

She had to live in her car ? Yeah right she doesn't know that hardship

marti... martiniqueenie

She is so critical of her mom, Kim, Scott, and most people around her. She needs to learn from her pain to be more compassionate with other people, especially her family. She married a Thug. Admit it and move on.

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