Jenelle Evans Slammed for Using Hot Tub While 9 Months Pregnant (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansOh Jenelle Evans ... arguably reality TV's worst mom ever. At least in the past, she was, which is why there are so many haters out there just waiting for her to screw up again. Even though the Teen Mom 2 star seems to have really gotten her crap together this past year, it seems like the Internet is waiting to jump down her throat every time she makes a somewhat questionable parenting choice.

But could the commenters be right about Jenelle's mad mommy skillz (or lack thereof) this time? Over the weekend, Jenelle tweeted a picture of her boyfriend Nathan Griffith and his daughter, along with her 4-year-old son Jace, in the hot tub. Jenelle is also nine months pregnant, and everyone knows you're not supposed to stew your baby belly in a hot bubbly Jacuzzi.

Immediately people were jumping all over her for being in the hot tub while pregnant, to which Jenelle responded:

She also tweeted in response to a direct question about the dangers of pregnant women using hot tubs, "I wasn't in there.. I was sitting on the side with my feet in."

But even if Jenelle kept baby Kaiser in her belly out of the hot water, she still seems to be in the metaphorical hot water by allowing both her 4-year-old son Jace and Nathan's daughter Emery to soak in it. Many advocates of children's health recommend that children under 5 not be allowed in the hot tub at all, so of course she's going to get crap for it.

There are a few things to consider -- the actual temp of the water, how long they were in it, and if the kids exhibited signs of dehydration -- all of which make a huge difference in the safety factor issue. But as she said in another tweet, it was 81 degrees out. Probably not the best time to allow your little kids to take a long hot soak.

Do you think Jenelle made a mistake allowing the kids into the hot tub?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian Kaufol


My now 6 yer old was in a hot tub at 3.

And any ob will tell you that you can use a hot tub, but,for 15 mins.

jjjjj... jjjjjackie467

O. M. G. Stfu. This is just idiotic.

Rachel Abraham

As long as they're not in there too long, it's fine.

nonmember avatar nena

Omg how dumb i think its fine i socked my feet in the hot tub while being pregnant an i let my son in the hot tub as long as my self or his grandparents are with him... quit nit picking people she didnt do nothing wrong

Laura Sonsalla

I have am 44 with 4 kids 22 to 3 years old. With ALL of my kids I went in a spa. I always turned it down to 98*. Don't judge just on pics!!!! Rag mags need a story to sell mags....

nonmember avatar Jessica Weikel

You can most definitely tell she is not in there with them. My 2 year old got in one for maybe 20 min and loved it. If you are in a public one chances are it's not any warmer than a bath! Are you gonna bash her for giving her child a warm bath ?! Of course not

nonmember avatar Stephanie

My god leave the poor girl alone yeah shes made mistakes in the past but she has her shit together now and the last time i checked nobody is perfect everyone has made mistakes and will continue too and if you idiots would look at the angle you can clearly tell shes not in the hot tub.

nonmember avatar tina

Omg...really. get a grip people. The reason for no hot tubs is possible bacteria..just like everything else

Short soaks are fine. Even for children. I've been in them prego and my kids have been I'm them. Use cmon sense as with everything and you're fine.

nonmember avatar Kristi

This is ridiculous she is definitely not in the hit tub and as for Jace I've let my daughter in a hot tub before when she was 1 1/2 because she refuses to go in a regular pool because the water is too cold. After a few minutes I take her out and walk around but there is nothing wrong with it.

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