Gwyneth Paltrow Could Be Faking Her Split With Chris Martin

gwyneth paltrowAt this point, Gwyneth Paltrow's name has become more synonymous with sanctimony than actually acting, offering up her edicts on everything from the evils of gluten to how much harder Hollywood moms have it than those with office jobs. She has seemingly turned alienating the public into an art form. She doesn't even break up like the rest of us, rather she got consciously uncoupled. Well, just wait until you hear the latest rumors about her marriage to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

According to a report on, Gwyneth and Chris could be faking the entire split. The alleged proof? They have been spending a lot of time together since announcing they were no longer a couple. But it's even more than that, said the site. They have been looking pretty cozy and in love during public outings. Just this past weekend, the pair were seen dining together in Malibu sitting very close and looking quite contented.

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Could it be? Could the split be a ruse by the Oscar-winning actress? While I'll admit, I have been critical of Gwyneth in the past, I don’t think she is capable of this. It's not like Gwyneth needs the publicity. All she has to do is talk about how mean words hurt water or how she would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin, and she gets plenty. Unlike another celebrity couple who absolutely could actually be faking the whole thing for publicity. (That is a not so subtle reference to Tori Spelling's reality show about her crumbling marriage.)

Perhaps Gwyneth and Chris are conflicted -- just like many divorcing couples out there. They may not have realized how much they love and need each other until the threat of the marriage going away happened.

Do you think Gwyneth is faking her split for publicity?

Image via Brock Miller/Splash

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Leigh Anna Clark Young

Really?  A ruse??  Perhaps they're just working it out.  Although, Paltow has certainly made an ass out of herself recently, that I can agree with. 

Charl... Charlyla2

After you spend enough time together and have kids, it's hard to let go. Especially when you think about all that comes with breaking up. I don't like this woman, she is a spoiled rich girl who thinks her life is hard because she is a celeb. But she (might be) human like the rest of us at her core.

Gabriella Fondas Eike

I Saw them holding hands on the beach in Eleuthera in the Bahamas the day they uncoupled ...

Yolie Scott

In this situation, why bother to go public - if you are trying to work out your problems. So I think this is for publicity. The celebrities are always complaining they want their privacy and then they are the first ones to throw it out to the public. So childish.

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