Scott Disick Has Surprising Reaction to Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy (VIDEO)

Scott Disick

Even though she had yet to confirm the news, we've all known that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her third child for almost a week now. And it seemed kind of strange that she was staying mum on the issue, until she admitted she has a bun in the oven in a preview for this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Duh. Of course she had to wait until the footage aired to share her joy with the world. That's what you do when you're a reality star.

But while most of us weren't all that surprised to hear that Kourt has another baby on the way, it seems as though the announcement came as quite the shock to some.

Here's the preview -- wait until you get a load of how Scott Disick reacted to Kourt's baby news.

"What? Holy ****!"

Just what every mom-to-be wants to hear from her man after saying, "I'm pregnant."

Based on his reaction, it seems as though this baby most definitely was not planned, though I guess we have to assume Scott is happy about it?

We'll have to wait until that particular episode airs to hear what he had to say after his initial "Holy expletive!" For Kourtney's sake, let's just hope he followed up his blatant shock with something sweet and heartfelt. (I'm sure he's capable of being sincere.)

Unfortunately, for the sake of stirring up more drama on the show, there's a decent chance Scott will flip his sh%* after Kourtney tells him she's expecting, leading to her kicking him to the curb for a good day and a half or whatever.

Hey, they might as well milk the ratings in any way they possibly can, even if it means cheapening a pregnancy.

Are you surprised that Kourtney is pregnant again?


Image via E! Entertainment/YouTube



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nonmember avatar wicked

Lord Disick, is outnumbered. He thinks two children is enough. Which it is. Bring a Male, I would have a hard time of it if NY girlfriend purposely get pregnant against my wishes. The Lord will be the one paying Child Support. I don't know. What is it that he does ( if anything) for a living? I know he gets paid to show up at clubs. What else?

Ashley Ordiway

his reaction was better then my boyfriend at the times reaction. his reaction was its mine right? i could of slapped him....

Donna Sweatt

She is such a mean pregnant women....She holds his life over his head.....I didnt like him but now after watching the old shows and watching how hard he tries I do.....Talk about someone leading someone around by his nose. What kind of life does he really have he makes no calls and has to go with the flow of whatever her and that family says. Sorry this is mental abuse 100 percent


Linda Wilburn McNeil

No, but Scott has every right to be angry. He wants to marry the nut but she just wants to control him by having all these babies to hold him where she wants him.

Janet Jarvis Cronin

This is for his baby mama, Marry this man, give the children a chance to have pride before starting school. I think everyone voice on here says it all. You're a bit mean and controlling.

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