Andi Dorfman's Drastic Weight Loss Is Impossible to Ignore (PHOTO)

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Andi Dorfman

A couple of weeks ago, Andi Dorfman tweeted about "getting her butt kicked on the treadmill" -- because apparently she packed on a few pounds while filming The Bachelorette.

I know, I know ... no one ever actually eats on the show, so how in the heck did she wind up gaining weight? Huh. It must have been the booze.

But at any rate, whatever she's been doing post-show to whittle down her waistline is obviously working -- and then some. Andi shared a photo of herself wearing a tiny romper in Nashville over the weekend, and you honestly won't believe just how skinny she looks.

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(Not that she was ever fat before. She's just noticeably slimmer now.)

Andi Dorfman


I'm not shy about the fact that I'm not an Andi fan, but I can't argue with the fact that her body is pretty darn bangin' these days. (Seriously. I feel like a fat ass just looking at her.)

But her newly slimmer frame does raise one question -- did she find true love on The Bachelorette or not? Typically when people settle into a happy relationship, they put on a few pounds due to dinners out and general contentment.

And I know Andi and her chosen dude (if there is one) can't exactly see each other all the time. They have to be enjoying a pizza or two here and there behind closed doors, right?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say there's a decent chance that Andi is still single or plans to be in the near future. Why else would she focus on trying to make herself look better than ever? Other than so she looks hot as hell on the "After the Final Rose" special, that is.

Hmm. I guess we'll have to wait a few more weeks to see whether Andi's weight loss is due to loneliness or love. Either way, she should be proud of herself for managing to get back into shape so quickly. (And yes, that's the nicest thing you'll ever hear me say about her.)

Do you think Andi looks thinner than ever?


Images via andi_dorfman/Instagram; andi_dorfman/Instagram

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TiSecret CB

I have never watched an episode of The Bachelorette from beginning to end. I don't know exactly what this show is about. Hopefully it is truly beneficial. I actually prefer not to watch TV.

However, even thought it was not necessary for Andy to show her legs, it appears that she has a nice silhouette.

I wonder which weight loss plan she has followed or is still following to achieve this result.

rfhsure rfhsure

I don't watch the show. But she looks great. I'd love to have a body like that. I hate rompers though. They look so silly.

nonmember avatar bweety stirling

She was beautiful just the way she was on the show. She didn't need to loose any weight!

nonmember avatar wicked

Alright. Am I the only person to mention that she is photographed holding a tooth? Andi has not lost any weight. I'm a Dude, my eyes are trained to observe the superficial. Oh, why would any woman wear something that looks like an infant's Onesy? Very unflattering. I don't like Andi. She seems mentally off balance to me. She is way to dramatic and combative. This makes her completely unattractive .Her personality sucks.

nonmember avatar A

Mary, do you really believe people only want to get in shape when they are single and that they are 'content' when in a relationship?? That is a stupid generalization. Women's goals do not always revolve around men. Andi looks great, and her weight is no indication of whether she is single or not! Did you think that maybe she wanted to get in shape for herself and not for a man?

SC Belmonte

She had a boob job. How shallow. Is she going back to being a lawyer?

nonmember avatar El

You write the worst articles! For one, she looks great. She is not too thin. She's toned and beautiful. I don't see any difference from the show to this pic. I'm not a fan of hers either, but I call them like I see them. Lastly, really?! Girls let themselves go when they're in a relationship and work hard to look good only when single? That's ridiculous. Yes, a lot let themselves go. But a lot like to look good and be healthy for themselves. Some of us don't revolve our lives around what men think. You should stop writing articles.

Brenda Paquette

i think she looks the same reall who cares about that nonsence!


nonmember avatar BBB

She looks the same to me as well. But who knows...maybe she is losing the extra weight for the upcoming wedding!

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