'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Savon Has Major Baby Daddy & Boyfriend Drama

16 and pregnant savon

In the second half of tonight's double feature of 16 and Pregnant, we met Savon. The high school student from Georgia lives with her aunt and cousins, has gotten good grades, plays on the basketball team, and has big dreams of one day being a singer/songwriter. But all of it came to an end when she got pregnant. And that's only the beginning of the drama.

Savon is dating Mauwi, who she met on the basketball court. But they only got together after Savon hooked up with Eli, who got her pregnant. That's right. Her current boyfriend is not her baby daddy.

While she knew that it was Eli's child (she and Mauwi have never had sex), she didn't have enough money for an abortion and decided to keep it. And Eli is absolutely not in the picture. He left soon after they hooked up and has no interest in being with her. He even has a few other kids of his own, so adding another was not something he was interested in.

Luckily though, she has the support of her boyfriend, her aunt LaDonna, and her cousins. While she enrolls in online classes to keep up with her high school work, Mauwi is off to college, where he plays on the football team. He can only visit home on the weekends, so their time together is very limited.

And when they are together, it isn't intimate. Savon is "traumatized" from sex and says she won't be having it anytime soon. Good for her, but Mauwi definitely looked bummed. So when the couple sat down with Savon's aunt to talk about the future, it became very clear just how unprepared they were -- both for the baby and the relationship. She has no money, no job, and no savings, and he has no obligation to help. A recipe for pure disaster. Especially after LaDonna flat-out said that she will not be babysitting, driving them anywhere, or buying any diapers.

But before Savon could get a job to save for her baby, she went into labor. And after her son Eden was born, the young mom faced even more immediate challenges. When she brought Eden home, it became even more apparent and daunting that Mauwi was not his dad, and when she realized that she no longer had the energy to be a mom and a student, she broke things off with Mauwi.

Soon after, she got a job at a pizza parlor, and her friend agreed to babysit a couple nights a week. Not ideal, but she had to start thinking "as a mother and not as a girlfriend." Her life may not have gone according to plan, and the baby daddy is entirely absent from the picture, but at least Savon seems to have her priorities straight. Which, in itself, it impressive.

What did you think of Savon's episode? Should she have broken up with Mauwi?


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16 & pregnant


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nonmember avatar Brynn

I think she made the right choice to break it off with Mauwi. She's a young single parent & right now her main focus should be her child & finishing school.

nonmember avatar MKWilliam

look this is very goods.

nonmember avatar laura

What were you thinking girl? I totally get that you need to focus on Eden, but that boy looked at you with pride. I don't agree with the breakup

nonmember avatar MKWilliam

look this is very goods.

nonmember avatar Marie

I think she did the right thing. She needs to focus on her son and herself, this girl may have messed up by getting pregnant, but she owned up to her choices and now she is trying to do the right thing. A lot of other girls would have tossed responsibilities on Mauwi that he just wasn't ready for. Plus, with him being away at College and playing football, I don't see how they would have made time for it to work. They both lead very different lives now. Maybe somewhere down the line they can get back together, but for now I think this is what is best for both of them. Good on you Savon!

Dee Chevalier

To all of the 16 year old young women out there - are you paying attention? Some may think that having a child is 'cute'; however, you are setting yourself up for disaster. I was 16 in 1987 - if you got pregnant, you had to leave school immediately in shame in order to protect the school's rep. I saw so many cousins and classmates having children at 16, 17, 18 that it scared me like no tomorrow. I had parents that protected me and if a guy didn't have the "glove", there certainly wasn't going to be any "love". I'm almost 44 - I didn't have children; however, I have witnessed by g/f's going through nasty custody battles, child support, dealing w/Deadbeat Dads, etc., is being a single mom worth it? The above article should be posted at every high school out there - it would make a difference and I'm glad that MTV produces 16&PG and Teen Mom, young women are lucky b/c we didn't have that on TV back in the late 80s.

nonmember avatar poprocks

Mauwi was a nice guy but needs to find an girl with 'no baggage'. SHE needs to sue Eli for child support. Even if she doesn't get it, he might go to jail & not continue to produce children he doesn't support.

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