Kim Kardashian Honors Kanye's Birthday With Weird Cake & Sweet Message (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian must have a difficult time thinking up good gifts for her new hubby, Kanye West -- particularly since he does things for her like erect floral monuments in her backyard on Mother's Day. But we all know the greatest presents aren't material things, and Kim is certainly doing what she can to make Kanye feel special.

The Bound 2 singer turns 37 this weekend and is celebrating his birthday while on tour. Even though the newlyweds reportedly spent his birthday apart last year, Kim stepped up her game and made sure she got her butt on a plane to Austin so she could ring in the big 3-7 with him. Although there may be a diamond whatever sitting somewhere just waiting for Kanye to open it, here are two gifts -- one sweet and one odd -- that Kim presented to her beloved.

First, her message. Kim took to her Instagram and made sure the world knew exactly what she thought of Kanye on his birthday:

Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend in the entire world! You have changed my life in more ways than you know! The way you look at life inspires me! I love you so much!!!

Okay, say what you will about them -- they'll be divorced in 3 days, they don't stand a chance -- yada, yada -- but that post is pretty darn sweet. It's one thing to tell someone you love them, which is great. But to say they "inspire" you -- truly a compliment if I ever heard one. If I were Kanye, I would smile waking up to that message.

I wish I could say the same about the birthday cake Kim got her husband, but I'm sorry -- it's u-g-l-y:

It looks like cement. I mean, what the heck flavor is this? I'm sure it cost a gazillion dollars, was crafted by the finest bakery chef in Texas, and tastes like heaven -- but it's a weird-looking one, for sure.

What do you think of the cake Kim chose for Kanye? Do you see these two together for a long time?

Image via Instagram



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AliPa... AliParker

That's a truly ugly cake for some truly ugly people. It probably doesn't taste that great. It looks like fondant. That stuff is awful tasting in my opinion.

nonmember avatar Foster

Not gonna lie,I had to reread the part where it said that was a cake. I really thought it was a cement block or something.

nonmember avatar wicked

It looks like mocha buttercream icing. Whatever it means it is obviously special to Kayne. I hope Kanye realizes that this marks his last birthday of semi normalcy. I am not a Kardashian fan & I am not a Kanye fan. I don't know much about either of them other than having a baby and an outlandishly lavish wedding. Good luck? I dunno know..

Spring Marie Smith

I see them together forever she found her soulmate. fred flistone ./ cake is very ugly

nonmember avatar Stella

OMG Yeezus is the name of Kanye's concert tour. Kim lost her mojo with that cake! Thats what happens when someone else thinks for you,

Sandy Castor

Sicko's both of  them. Can you imageine when she grows up what she will think about that!!! Sad, very sad!!!  Her parent's are so out of this world with thinking only of them selves, and not this precious baby.   I am sorry but I feel North will face a very un-real lfe ahead of her. What a shame. It is always about THEM AND COULD CARE LESS  ABOUT NORTH. GOD BLESS HER SWEET HEAR.


nonmember avatar Mae

@toofunny Do you speak from experience? I am surprise at the stir for posting that person comment. The stir is becoming like a dirty tabloid. And I will cancel all notifications from this site

Cooks... Cookster792

I think the cake was just for show. No one is really going to eat this thing right. It doesn't look very appealing. No they won't be together for long. Sad for the baby, does Kim even remember that she has a daughter. There are 3 things she is not happy about, Rob now getting some attention, Kendall doing great as a model, and now Kourtney being pregnant. These 3 will now take some of the attention from Kim and she will not be happy about that.


BandB... BandBCreations

First the cake does not look good however, its the words on the cake that left my mind blown! No matter how you change the wording around, it will still be Jesus. You celebrities better stop playing with God like that! Wow! #smh

nonmember avatar wicked

OK, not sure why so many bloggers are so concerned about these celebretard's children? Do not worry! After the novelty of playing Mommy & dress-up with her Dolly, I mean North, she will hire a childcare staff. Oh, that's

Right, Kayne believes he is Jesus?? Okay.. Yeesus.This makes perfect sense. Not! Are you kidding? Seriously? Whoa.

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