Mick Jagger Spotted With New Woman 3 Months After L'Wren Scott's Suicide

What is a sufficient amount of time for someone to wait before dating after his or her partner passes away? Obviously, there's no one right answer to this question, but if you ask L'Wren Scott's sister, three months is not it. Jan Shane recently slammed Mick Jagger after photos were released showing the Rolling Stones singer at a hotel with a young, pretty woman just three months after his longtime girlfriend Scott committed suicide.

Even though Jagger, 70, has never been known for his ability to stay faithful, Shane reportedly has a difficult time believing the rock icon is mourning her sister if he's already shacking up with someone else. Her exact words were so harsh, I'd be reconsidering my actions right about now if I were Jagger.

The photos show a smiling Jagger hanging out on the balcony of a hotel in Zurich with a mystery brunette. In one picture, the girl is leaning into him from behind, and the two look rather, well, chummy isn't exactly the right word.

Shane really let the Lothario have it by reportedly saying: "These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is really thinking and feeling. And people wonder why L'Wren was so depressed?"

Um, ouch. The two never really saw eye to eye, but they apparently made amends a few weeks ago. It's totally understandable that Scott's sis would wonder what the heck is up with someone who is spending the weeks after his beloved's suicide getting cozy with another girl, but her statement links L'Wren's depression with Jagger's behavior -- which is not cool or fair.

Fashion designer Scott killed herself in her apartment in March and didn't leave a suicide note. At the time, Jagger penned a heartfelt message on his website about his love of 13 years and it seemed genuine. I can understand why Shane is angry at him, but I'm sure he feels bad about losing her and he doesn't deserve to be told, in a roundabout way, that he may be to blame for her actions.

As for Jagger and the mystery girl: There are lots of reasons why people hook up -- loneliness, just to name one -- and Jagger's tryst with yet another young woman should neither be a shock, nor should it reflect how he feels about Scott's death.

Do you think three months is too soon for Jagger to hook up with another woman after L'Wren Scott's suicide?


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L'wren was estranged from her sister and left her estate to Mick and made sure that it stated that neither Jane or her brother were to receive anything from her estate. I highly doubt Mick was faithful during their relationship, but it was THEIR relationship. Maybe Jane is feeling guilty and wants to deflect and blame.

nonmember avatar wicked

This woman obviously had deep psychological demons. Suicide is a truly sadistic & selfish act of desperation. Leave Jagger alone. People grieve or heal in their own ways in their own time. There is no set time to date or to move on with ones life. We dont even know the status of their relationship. In my estimation it is poor forum and awful manners even bring this type of tragedy up for gossip. Seriously.

nonmember avatar JC

I used to appreciate The Stir for a lighthearted break from my daily routine, but this article is so obnoxious (among an increasingly growing number of obnoxious and offensive articles), it's the one that is making me call it quits on this site. You spend all article bashing the man and then at the very end do a turn around. The writers are all just trolling us, aren't they?

For the record, Jagger doesn't look happy in any of the photos and I wish him and Scott's sister the best as they continue to grieve and cope.

Carolyn Balzer

oh,boy. when has mick Jagger been faithful to anyone when they were alive ? Why would he wait to date when he thinks the departed won't know ? That old dog REFUSES to learn new tricks and some women see only his fame and money.

nonmember avatar Sandeana

I wouldn't mind bedding Mick Jagger myself. He's definitely my type.

JLo1486 JLo1486

What does it matter to ANYONE besides Jagger? Nobody gets to tell anyone how to grieve or when to move on. Also, He's 70... how long should he have to wait? When he's dead?

nonmember avatar sandy

Everyone expresses grief differently: Jane is lashing out, and Mick is bedding down. There is no place for judgement when it comes to grieving, yet it is a time when defenses are low and feelings are on overdrive. Folks should be extra-careful of others' sadness, while taking time to care for themselves.

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