Emily Maynard Marries Tyler Johnson in Secret Wedding!

It's official: Emily Maynard is off the market! The Bachelorette alum tied the knot with fiance Tyler Johnson last night in a secret wedding that took everyone by surprise -- even the people closest to them. Their nearest and dearest thought they were attending the couple's engagement party, but to their shock, the celebration turned into a wedding right before their eyes.

Emily, 26, and Tyler, 27,  told everyone they were throwing an engagement party at his family's farm in South Carolina. Imagine the look on their guests' faces when the cute couple chose that night to exchange vows and transform the celebration into a sweet, intimate wedding.

Tyler proposed to Emily last January and showed off some major bling to accompany the good news -- her lucky ring finger got five diamond bands instead of one traditional diamond engagement ring. Her sweet fiance also gifted Emily's 8-year-old daughter Ricky with a ring, as well, which is the sweetest gesture we've ever heard. Considering how Emily has been engaged FOUR times and dealt with tragedy when Ricky's dad, Ricky Hendrick, was killed in a plane crash in 2004, it's no wonder Emily would opt to get married quickly and not make a huge production out of it.

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Emily had a "white trash bash" bachelorette party last month, and it seems odd to have an engagement party after the hen party, so I'm wondering if any of their guests suspected they were up to something last night.

We wish this couple a lifetime of happiness. They seem like a perfect match, and Emily deserves to be content and finally get the happy ending she has been seeking for so long.

What do you think of the way Emily and Tyler tied the knot? Were you expecting them to have a bigger, more formal wedding?


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ashth... ashthecat

If she is 26, and lost her fiancé in 2004. Does that mean she was 16 when that happened?

nonmember avatar Kelly

And if Ricky's father died ten years ago, how is the child only eight years old?

nonmember avatar wicked

Humm. The math is off. I thought she was older than that. Oh, well. Congrats!

iicar... iicarmerin

I was wondering the same thing as tempestuous comments.

To answer the question I'm happy for her that she got her happy ending after so much disappointment. Congratulations!!!

nonmember avatar wicked

Emily was 18 when her fiancé, Ricky died. She found out she was pregnant a few months after his funeral. Emily is 28 years old. Her Daughter is 9 years old. Congrats!!!

Cheryl Gilbert

Happy for Emily,best wishes for three of them!

Maggie Johnson

i think their wedding was a sweet thing to do , they can be just as happy and saved more money like this,congrats emily and tyler.

nonmember avatar Britt

Ricki was born in 2005. Which will make her 8 going to be 9. And she found out she was pregnant I believe a day after the funeral.

Delcia Vinnacombe

I think as long as Emily has found someone to love her and her precious daughter thats all that matters!

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