Tori Spelling Dishes On Her Sex Life With Dean & It's Not What We Thought

Admit it: you haven't had your fill of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott yet (said no one ever). Never fear, as long as the 41-year-old former Beverly Hills 90210 actress is able to walk, talk, and expose her family secrets on her reality show True Tori, we will all be allowed in to the couple's home -- and bedroom. If you've been following their drama, you know one of Dean's big issues with his wife is that she wasn't giving him enough sex -- which, apparently for him means she wasn't giving him sex 24/7 because rumor has it he has an insatiable sexual appetite.

As we're all about to see on this week's episode of their train wreck show, Dean wasn't truthful about what went on under their sheets. Tori's revelation about their sex life may surprise you.

In this clip, Tori and Dean are sitting at yet another one of their infamous therapy sessions and things get really crazy. After Dean storms off like a little kid, Tori pretty much throws up her hands and declares that she wants to "slap" her husband (we feel you, girl) because he isn't being truthful about their sex life.

And now get this: According to Tori, she was as adventurous as one could be in bed. Her exact words were: "...I was not only giving him more sex, I was doing things I'm sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids at home are doing."

Whoa. Can you please elaborate, Tori, because most married women in America are probably dying to know more! I mean, come on, she shares every other detail of her life -- how can she keep us in the dark about this one?

If what she's saying is true, Dean better dig deeper to figure out what is really going on in their marriage, since this complaint seemed to be the most significant for him.

Here's something else we can expect to see on Tuesday's reunion episode: a glimpse at the new tattoo Dean got of her wedding vows on his rib cage. Dean claims he got his new ink as a gesture to show he'll never break his vows again.

I guess only time will tell whether that's true or not. For the time being, Dean better work out the exact reason why he feels their marriage is in shambles because it seems like his previous excuse isn't going to fly.

Do you believe Tori? Why do you suspect Tori and Dean have a difficult time making their marriage work?


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nonmember avatar J Hatfield

Tori, you need to grow up. Whatever is missing from your life that you did not get from your father, you cannot expect Dean to give that to you. After 10 years in therapy, I would have expected you to be further along regarding that aspect of your life. Secondly, it's apparent to me and perhaps others, that not only is Dean an addict and alcoholic, but DEAN IS A SEX ADDICT as well and Dean should be in intensive treatment for this. It seems like you guys have a lot of work to do individually, before you can address your issues as a couple. You were both broken before you got together and you can only go for so much without the relationship that was hanging on by threads coming completely apart by Dean's having an affair. Something had to give. I believe you guys have a shot, but only if both of you work on yourselves. Tori, stop seeing yourself as the victim. As far as this "True Tori" show goes, I don't believe it's a good avenue for you or Dean to be airing your dirty laundry as individuals or as a couple.

justj123 justj123

J Hatfield I COULD NOT have said it better!! Tori LISTEN TO US!! Your dragging your FAMILY DOWN with this show and we as America do NOT care anymore .... Get the heck off TV & get your act together before you lose your mind AND your KIDS, honey!! Once a spotted leopard ALWAYS a spotted leopard!! JUST remember THAT!!

nonmember avatar wicked

@ J. Hatfield,

Brilliantly stated..

nonmember avatar Sweet v

I am trying hard not to be judgmental, however, what is happening to Tori is karma. She and Dean had no problems cheating on each other when they were married to their former spouses. I can just imagine what his first wife felt like when she found out and quite publicly that Dean was having an affair with Tori and they we in the midst if adopting a child. How humiliating is that. Tori maybe you are just getting paid back. Maybe you and all these other home wreckers on and off tv need to look at yourselves in the mirror and answer what part did yo u and do you play in the unhappiness you have in your lives.

nonmember avatar Mary Lou long

I think that Dean will stray again not due to anything Tori does or doesn't do but because he is a sex addict and cannot get enough. Of course, that just means he has a deep seeded problem that he is trying to work out with sex. It won't work. And unfortunately, I do believe that Tori loves Dean, and I don't want Tori to get hurt again. Speaking out of experience, the trust never truly comes back, and it's better to cut ur losses and move on.

Momin... MominAL485

I've only seen one episode of True Tori and it was enough. She's always seeked out drama and publicized things that shouldn't be out for everyone to know. I can't help but wonder how much is true and how much is fictionalized and dramatized so she can get ratings. More than enough though is most likely the case. Yes, they have problems but airing it all on TV is not the way to solve anything, and it doesn't seem as if she's fazed by how doing this will affect her children. They should be working in private with a marriage counselor and family therapist instead of  putting it into millions of households.

Glenda Ballengee

I have my own problems but I'm certainly happy I don't have their problems, which I believe should not be considered entrainment.

kikitice kikitice

I believe that Dean was suffering from being Mr. Tori Spelling and needed to feel like the BMOC. The problem was never Tori' was Dean's!

undrc... undrcvrmom

He has her name tattooed above his dick and he still cheated!  Vows on his rib cage aren't going to stop him!

nonmember avatar Jillian

Can we all just move on from the fact that they cheated? They have, their former spouses have, their kids have. This isn't karma, this isn't pay backs. This is a couple who made sh*t choices by jumping into a relationship, getting married and pregnant right away and thinking that was gonna make it all work. It's not. I do think if they are going to make it work (and this is all real and not made up for ratings) then they need to get off tv and do the work.

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