Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Are Reunited Under Scary Circumstances

Tori SpellingSooooo how 'bout that Tori and Dean? Such an awesome marriage, eh? First we learn that Dean cheated. Then we learn he cheated a bunch of times. And we learn that Dean is a liar, alcoholic, drug addict, and that he reportedly didn't use condoms with some of his trysts. So WHY is Tori with this dude?! Well, it might be because every once in awhile, Dean does the right thing. It's sort of like unicorn spotting, but it happens. So get ready, because Dean actually did something right.

Tori has been left alone with their four kids while Deano is filming Chopped: Canada in Toronto. You know, the same place he hooked up with the elusive Emily Goodhand. Tori made it clear on True Tori that she didn't want to be left alone with the kids while Dean yet again took off to go film. But he did it anyway, 'cause that's Dean.

So while he was away, Stella needed her tonsils taken out. And Liam got the flu. And Tori, who is also working full-time filming Mystery Girls, was totally overwhelmed.

So what did Dean do, I ask you? Did he hook up with the nearest cute 20-something to deal with the stress of listening to Tori be stressed? That's what the old Deano would do. But not the post-rehab, -therapy, and -True Tori Deano. He actually flew home!

A source tells Daily Mail:

When Dean phoned home and heard how stressed Tori sounded at the prospect of facing things on her own, he went to producers and asked if he could take a week off to fly back to LA and help his over-worked, over-wrought wife with the kids ... He arrived back in town just in time to accompany Stella and Tori to the hospital where doctors removed her tonsils. And he was there to help nurse Liam back to health.

He also reportedly whipped up some homemade mac and cheese and veggie squash lasagna and chicken soup. And he's going to stay until Stella's sixth birthday party.

Woah! Who is this Dean? What has he done with the real Dean?

I don't know who else would know what kind of food Dean made except, well, Dean, so it sounds suspiciously like Tori and Dean are feeding stories to the press to try and salvage Dean's reputation.

But if you watched True Tori, you could see that lots of times, he really was a hands-on dad. Just too bad he is "hands-on" in other ways too.

As for Tori, her husband flying home made her "very happy" and she feels they are moving in the "right direction."

Because there was really no other direction to move in. The wrong direction had come to a dead-end!

Do you think Dean is actually a good dad?

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Is she pregnant again?

nonmember avatar wicked

Oh, Man. Is Tori playing the overwelmed card? Please. She had two nannies. She has day care. She has friends. She has money. I am so sick of her talking about how hard everything is for her. Almost everyone on the planet has a job. Mostly every Mother in the planet has to deal with sick children. It is called Motherhood. Most Women are handling this alone without resources, nannies much less a spouse to fly in I save the day! Deano is a better Parent. He seems to naturally & organically enjoy the company of his children where as Tori is always overwhelmed and stressed. Seriously, Tori you need a Wife, not a Husband. Think about it.

kayba... kaybayblee3

No I think that's just a really old photo of her since it only shows 2 kids in it.

nonmember avatar DW

Horrible husband but good dad. I am by far not a fan of his but it's clear that he does love those kids.

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