Robert Pattinson Isn't Taking His 'Drinking Problem' Seriously

Rob pattinsonRobert Pattinson is a complete and total drunk. The man has a serious drinking problem!!! And I'm not making this up, it comes directly from his The Rover costar. Guy Pearce revealed at a press conference, "He drank more vodka than I advised him to drink." Arrghhhh, he's obviously drowning his sorrows about Kristen!!! Of course, I am joking, people. But as soon as the words left Guy Pearce's mouth, Rob knew what he was in for.

Guy and Rob appeared at a press conference in Sydney, Australia to promote their film. In the film, Rob stars as a "damaged young man" in the Australian Outback. Rob said he had longed to break into Australian cinema. The movie was filmed in the Outback, known for its hot conditions, and Guy joked around that the two got through it by getting drunk. He then threw in the comment that Rob drank more than advisable.

Rob, knowing full-well how the media operates, remarked wryly:

This is going to be the only thing that comes out of this now. My 'drinking problem.'

And yes, it will be, Rob!! Haha. Sorry.

But let's be serious for a moment, shall we? Rob likes to party. We all know that. We have seen him stumble bleary-eyed out of one too many nightclubs/bars not to know this.

Aaaaaand he's also chugging down the vodka on set. Now, I'm not saying Rob has a drinking problem -- because clearly he has no problem drinking. Har.

After Rob's comeback, Guy tried to make amends by sheepishly saying, "There was no vodka."

Too late, Guy. We all know there was vodka. Tons and tons of vodka. Rob, think of your liver.

Do you think Rob drinks too much? Isn't it crazy how Rob was correct, and this is all we're gonna write about??

Image via PacificCoastNews

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Arlene Schlomann

he  should  just be left alone and not putting what  goes on in his life inthe public  he needs his  private time too 

nonmember avatar jules

We are all addicted to something

nonmember avatar p

Wow.. now he's an alcoholic? .if this is suppose to be a joke it's really not funny .. not at all . I guess these two twilight actors are easy target for tasteless jokes . At least they are taking the high road which is to ignore all this crap people post on the internet about them . I think it's time for you guys to pick on someone else . I think 6 yrs of bad jokes and hateful comments should be just about enough . Don't you think ?

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

How aweful this story is.  I don't believe he's a drunk.  Everything that's spoken about him or Kristen is pounced on and distorted.  This junk journal site is shameful.  I don't understand the crucifiction of this couple.  This is their private life.  They owe nothing but a good performance for the price of my ticket.

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