Kristen Stewart's Rumored New Role HAS to Be a Joke

Kristen Stewart

I know she had success with Snow White and the Huntsman and all, but would you believe there's a chance that Kristen Stewart could play Belle in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast?

Yep. Supposedly the director of the flick thinks she might be the right gal for the job. A source told Hollywood Life, "The process and the script for the movie are still in the beginning stages, but as it fleshes out, Bill Condon has definitely thought of Kristen Stewart as a possible Belle."

Is this for real? Kristen as Belle? Seriously?!?

Apparently the film won't be made until 2015 or 2016, at which point KStew might be a little too old to play the part -- but it's still a possibility.

But let's hope that winds up being the case, because it just seems impossible to picture her taking on such an innocent, sugary-sweet role.

I know, I know -- she's an actress, so stepping out of her own personality is kind of part of the job. But can you honestly imagine sitting there in the audience watching her interact with talking candlesticks and teacups while dancing around the room like she doesn't have a care in the world?

(Ok, so I'm sure they'll make the live version a little more realistic. But still.)

While there are certain Disney roles Kristen would probably be well suited for, Belle simply isn't one of them. Aside from the fact that there's nothing remotely naive about her, she doesn't really fit the part physically either. Sure, she's pretty in an unconventional way, but Belle is more of a classic beauty. Kristen is just ... a bit too rough around the edges or something.

But then again, she does have experience in wooing men who are disguised as ferocious beasts, so maybe that's why she's a shoo-in for the job.

Hmm. On that note, we should probably wait until we find out who is likely to be cast in the leading male role before we go calling KStew as Belle a huge disaster. (Taylor Lautner, perhaps?)

Do you think Kristen would make a good Belle?


Image via Ian Gavan/Clouds Of Sils Maria Premiere -- The 67th Annual Cannes Film/Getty Images

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nonmember avatar Zoe

Sorry are you honestly trying to throw shade on Stewart's looks...bc that's really gross not to mention if Chanel, Balenciaga, AND A DUDE YOU ALL SEEM TO FAP OVER CONSTANTLY found her pretty than I think some rando who wants to be a "comedian" should just sit the f down.

Here's a thought stop writing for RPattz fappers honey.

nonmember avatar Jess

Looking at your picture and laughing hysterically that you think your foot face has any right to discuss someone's looks. BYE FELICIA. #woofwoof

nonmember avatar Real Talk

Alright I'll bite. What was the pt of this post? Putting aside the "scoop" came from HL which is a bottom feeder site that is wrong 99% of the time. Deadline said this wk SWATH 2 is getting ready to film in '15 for a '16 release. She's committed to that. No studio (or actress) would sign up for 2 fairy tale revisions to come out at the same time.

So it would appear that the only reason for this was for the blogger to say nasty things about Stewart (including her physical looks...which is both sad and a bit pathetic) I get this is a RPattz mommy blogger fap site but the cruelty with which you all do it makes me pity you.

In closing Mommy fangirls are worse than teenage fangirls who are worse than the worst people in society. And this site is a perfect example why young women in Hwood should never date men in Hwood. Their "fans" are vicious in their envy.

wtf5 wtf5

The only joke here is what a jeolous ugly hag Mary Fischer is. LOL.  Her every line reeks of how she can't stand that Kristen has it all, and she doesn't have squat.  Other than writing insults and lies at a back water website for some demented so-called moms.  Face the facts Fischer, the only comments you get here are those who call you out on your nonsense.  Tough way to make a living at 3 cents a webhit. Even hookers have more honorable in their jobs. 

nonmember avatar N

It's Hollywood Life, so obvious BS. They only claimed this because it's the same Twilight director for the last film and because she played a fairy tale character before, so they came up with this dumb story. Also, leave her alone....I'm not a huge fan, but enough is enoug

nonmember avatar juju


nonmember avatar Mia

NO! She already messed up Snow White for me, she can't mess up Belle too, Belle is my favorite princess. I don't care how "beautiful" she is, she is a moron... hopefully she won't sleep with Bill to get the part.

Stephanie Patrick

i wont watch it... that movie was my favorite childhood movie and Kristen as belle would ruin it for me for sure!!!!!

nonmember avatar p

LOL.. I'm laughing right now because 7 of the comments posted here are so on point about this blogger and obvious distaste for Stewart . Of all the sites to quote she named HL the joke of the internet when it comes to entertainment news , not that this place is any better . And why in the world would people think this movie is gonna be like the cartoon ..LOL. I wonder what will it take for these grown women to stop trashing this young woman . She's no longer with their dream boy so isn't it time for all this hatred to stop . She is living her life doing her job and not really giving 2 fs about all of this crap !

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