Kris Jenner’s Comments About Kendall Will Infuriate Entire Family

Kendall jennerIf you're one of Kris Jenner's six children, you're probably not thrilled to hear what Kris had to say recently. Unless you're Kendall Jenner. And then you're all, "Oooooh, thanks, Mom!" For Kris said that Kendall has the "perfect body." Ouch. Given how much more slender Kendall is than the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner kids, and given how much some of them -- especially Rob -- have struggled with their weight, this couldn't have been pleasant to hear.

Granted, Kris was talking about Kendall being a model, and how her body -- thin, small-boobed, statuesque -- is perfect for that line of work. But the way she said it -- "She has, like, the perfect body, especially one that wants to be in the modeling business" -- sounds like it's not all about Kendall being a model. Mom just happens to think she has the perfect body.

She also said: "She always looks remarkable."

Given how upset Kris got a couple of years ago when Khloe started packing on the pounds, we can't fool ourselves that Kris doesn't have an eagle-eye when it comes to her children's weight. You can be sure she's said a few things to Rob these days.

So, if it were me, the last thing I'd want to hear is how my much skinnier sister has the "perfect" body. Just sayin.'

Do you think Kris meant to insult the rest of the kids?


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nonmember avatar wicked

Really? Kendell does have a perfect body for high fashion modeling. Give me a break..

nonmember avatar Tailisin

Hey Wicked! How goes it, Lad? Jenner has a perfect model body. Her half sisters have hour glass figures. It's the difference between high fashion & Maxim. Mama Kris always gets thrown under the bus. Man, Kris can adopt me. I wouldn't mind a successful momager to make he a multi millionaire! LMAO!

marti... martiniqueenie

Kiri Blakeley, you must have a horrible relationship with your Mom because you obviously have no idea how Moms work! Kris Jenner is a less. She loves all her children and tries so hard to treat them all the same. She is not perfect. They crucified the last perfect person. Please lighten up on her. She wants nothing but their well being. I agree with her on so many levels I feel that MY parenting skills are being condemned. Leave her alone.

Theresa Dickson

No, I don't think Kris even considered what she was saying. Just reassuring each of her kids in turn that they're accepted!

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