Aviva Drescher's Dad Shouldn't Have to Defend Engagement to 25-Year-Old

Words I thought I'd never say: Poor George Teichner. Why do I say that? Real Housewives of New York's Aviva Drescher threw a party at the Museum of Sex the other day. Fine, sexy, cool, okay. Then you learn why she threw the party. It was for George. Barf. That's right, Aviva hosted George Teichner's engagement party at a sex museum. I don't know about you, but I'd want to keep the words "my dad" and "sex museum" as far apart as is humanly possibly. It's also not surprising that this party caused more gossip, which all led up to George publicly defending his relationship.

But Aviva is much more avant garde than I am, clearly. I love how the entire world is all skeeved out about her dad preparing to marry a 25-year-old, but not Aviva. She's all, "Whatever, so he's 76 and she could be his literal child, more power to him." It's cool of her, but definitely a little creepy. I never thought I'd say this, but it's romantic George is sticking up for his lady love! Even if that means he's calling his detractors "stoopids." Oh George.

Is it wrong that I'm more creeped out about Aviva throwing the party than I am about George and his bride-to-be Dana Cody tying the knot and saying damn the haters? I mean, it's not exactly surprising. Look at how George has behaved in the past! He's a total horn-dog. Marrying a woman more than 50 years his junior? That actually seems tame compared to some of the comments he's made while appearing on the show.

However poorly behaved he's been in the past, that's no reason for Ramona Singer to come in swinging and leave his fiance in tears -- something she apparently did while at the party. Like, totally uncalled for! But again, not totally surprising given the source. To sum up, I'm not as grossed out by George as I should be, I remain un-floored by Ramona's antics, and Aviva throwing her dad a sexy party is pretty gross.

Do you think George's marriage will last?


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nonmember avatar wicked

Seriously? Oh, yes! Of course it will last! LMAO! I would be shocked if they actually followed thru with a wedding. Unless, of course, it is a Bravo Wedding Special to keep Aviva relevant on the RHW's franchise? Ick. Yuck. I am a guy and I find George embarrassing.

nonmember avatar hapmailm7

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nonmember avatar hapmailm4

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