Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Want Another Baby for the Wrong Reasons

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West just got back from their honeymoon, but they've already been trying for baby number two. This isn't too surprising. Kim, despite her difficult pregnancy, has already said she'd like more children. But we didn't know the details of how and why -- until now. Kanye's stepbrother has spoken out about Kimye's baby plans -- and they are just what you'd expect from the self-obsessed couple.

Kanye's stepbrother, Hal "Gore" Carmichael, told Life & Style:

He definitely wants a little Kanye, Jr. He won’t stop until he has one.

Kim too is apparently already thinking about another baby. A source reveals:

Kim’s obsessed with North -- she knows she and Kanye can make cute babies, so why not another?

Soooo let me get this straight. Kanye wants another baby because he wants a little him. And Kim wants another baby because the couple make "cute babies." Does this sound to anyone else like it's all about them? A baby being just another extension of their brand? I mean, what about a baby who is not a boy? What about a baby who is not cute?! Sure, there's the theory that all babies are cute, but some are cuter than others, let's be honest here. There is no guarantee that they'll get themselves a male North West. A baby doesn't come into this world to be an extension of yourself -- nor do they have to be cute.

I know the couple will love whatever they have, but still ... do they always have to sound so egotistical about it? Sigh.

Do you think they want a baby for the right reason?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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MileyWHO MileyWHO

Sorry that is not a cute baby...looks very scared 90% of the time.

shell... shelly5162

Now this is stupid. Am sure he is saying he wants a boy n she is just saying how cute her babys will b just like ever other parent. Always make such small things n gossip about it. No matter what the child would look like am sure they will think its adorable

nonmember avatar chantelle

Aah please, I think you don't have any other news to write about. Any parent says I think we make cute babies, and also wish for a boy or a girl. But also says in the same sentence, it doesn't matter as long as our baby is healthy and happy. Write about stuff that makes proper sense.

nonmember avatar Michelle Reddic

Majority of men want a boy to carry on their name and yes everyone wants a cute baby lol. You always hope for the best when having kids one really wishes for an ugly baby lmbo!!!! And they can afford to take care of however many they like so can we please stop talking about them so much?? They're in love, married, and doing them.

Jojol... Jojoleanne123

This article actually made me laugh, do you not have anything better to write about? Most men what a baby boy and every parent would consider their child cute so by you suggesting that makes them 'egotistical' and 'self obsessed' then you are insulting most parents out there!! Probably the stupidest article I've ever read, find something better to write about because this honestly makes no sense.

ShevyB ShevyB

I'd hardly call that a "wrong reason". A lot of people do that- have baby after baby trying to get a certain gender. Every time you see a family of 5 girls and the 6th is a boy, you know what they were doing. 

Their kids won't want for anything and that includes love.

And by the way, North is adorable.

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