Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Sudden Wedding Plans Are a Big Mistake

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian

This really shouldn't come as much of a shock, but now that we know she's expecting her third child, rumors about Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick getting married are swirling. But it sounds like they might get hitched for all the wrong reasons.

It would definitely make sense for them to tie the knot considering how long they've been together and that their family continues to grow. Still, they've also been perfectly happy without making things legal, so it's not like they have to be in a huge rush.

But according to OK! magazine, apparently Kris Jenner thinks another Kardashian wedding could save Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is why she's pushing Kourt and Scott to take the plunge.

Oh, and a source allegedly says Kris has even started planning the wedding in her mind, saying, "She's throwing around crazy ideas, like a circus theme, with tigers and trapeze artists."

(Damn. Why don't they just turn the whole thing into a Vegas act?)

But since this is Kris Jenner we're talking about, throwing together an over-the-top wedding might not be enough to keep viewers glued to the TV. The source adds, "She has suggested that after they announce the wedding date, Kourtney should walk out on Scott. Then he'll have to win her back in time for the wedding."

OMG. I hate to say it, but for some reason I'm kind of believing this story.

Can't you totally picture there being this big wedding announcement, only to have Kourt kick Scott to the curb right before they're about to become husband and wife? Oh come on, that's so KUWTK.

But if Scott and Kourtney really do decide to make things official, let's just hope deep down they're doing it because they truly love each other, not for the sake of drumming up ratings to please Kris. All reality TV stardom aside, they still have two (soon to be three) kids together, so they shouldn't make a move this big if they don't plan on being together forever.

Do you think Kourtney and Scott would get married for the sake of saving KUWTK?


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nonmember avatar wicked

I am definitely not a Kardashian fan in the least. However, in all honesty, I do not understand why exactly Kris Jenner is so despised? She has created a multimillion dollar brand for her intellectually challenged zero talented children. She managed her slacker X Husband. It is Kris whom is responsible for the success & longevity of this insipid program. I doubt Kris could make her ungrateful bitch daughters do anything that they didn't want to do. If Courtney is getting married it is because it will benefit her in some way.

nonmember avatar tonna

They should get married for love.

nonmember avatar susan lipofski

they should get married 4 LOVE .. NOT the BABY...

marti... martiniqueenie

I am loving it!! GO KRIS! Those two should get married or stop having babies! They look ridiculous. Keep the story going Kris...we love you out here!

nonmember avatar wicked

Courtney is such a mean little troll. I empathize with Lord Disick. I actually, find Scott as being a rather entertaining character and likeable. He has lousy taste in women but then again he will never have to eat top Ramon married to his trollish little cash cow. More babies? Stop already. I mean it, dude. Get snipped before it is too late. Your children should never out number you! LOL!

nonmember avatar Becca

its Kourtney.

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