'16 & Pregnant' Star Comes Clean About the Show Being Fake

Aleah Burke

Ugh. Are there any reality shows left on TV that are even remotely realistic?

Get this one -- 16 & Pregnant star Aleah Burke basically admitted the show is fake, or at least that what we're watching at home isn't exactly 100 percent true.

When asked by a fan whether or not MTV tells the girls what to say during certain scenes, she replied, "To an extent -- you do have to discuss the back history that you guys didn’t see lol."

The fan pretty much called her out because there are times when family and friends will ask things like, "How did you find out you were pregnant?"

Duh. Those are conversations that likely occurred off camera first, so it seems strange to have them all over again. I mean, isn't it odd how the cameras "just happen" to capture all of the stars' most dramatic moments in life at exactly the right time?

But honestly, we probably shouldn't be all that surprised that the majority of reality shows are somewhat scripted -- because it would make for pretty shitty TV if they weren't.

Can you even imagine how much junk producers have to edit out to create a storyline? Exactly. If they don't give the cast some direction as to what to say on camera, they'd never manage to crank out episodes worth tuning in for.

Still, I guess it is kind of a buzz kill that the dramatic moments we're watching have an acting component to them. But who are we kidding? It's not like this realization is going to stop us from getting our fix of mind-numbing television. It's simply way too good to give up due to such a minor detail.

Are you surprised that 16 & Pregnant is scripted?


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16 & pregnant


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Lucki... Luckicharmz

If you couldn't tell after x amount of years that this and most reality (if not all) shows are partially to completely scripted I feel bad for you

nonmember avatar Jlo

Obviously they want the viewers to know the back story !!! I mean honestly I could do with out someone close to the teen mom and already knowing the story to ask how did u find out u were pregnant ? I mean that is a dead give away .... MTV should just have the girls tell there story as part of the intro that way maybe it can be a little more authentic but oh well

Mazie... Mazie0723

How does one not know this already? lol

nonmember avatar ColdVee

That is pretty obvious, I never felt it was a coincidence that the parents or friends, of the pregnant teen, were asking how they got pregnant, for the first time somewhere in the 8-9th month. All realty tv is somewhat scripted and edited to create drama.

below... belowzero

My brother is on a TV show and Discovery makes them repeat actual things that happened all the time.  They do catch some things as they're happening, but since Discovery doesn't have a crew here all the time (just one guy that films some goings on) they have them repeat some things as if they were just happening.  Reality part deux.

nonmember avatar Jenn

My question is why do they not show the real struggles in life as a teen mom like for say the formula how they have money some parents will not help there kids show that. And money for diapers and paying for child care and how they always have money for there nails hair going out too lunch and what that don't pay for that who does do they have medical and how does there kids have medical I think this show can be a joke saying my mind don't judge

Turtl... Turtledoves

Um...duh. There's backstory that needs to be told. We're not going to care about anyone if we don't know anything about them. Just because they're told to tell how they found out about being pregnant and have a conversation about birth control doesn't mean the whole show is fake. And if you didn't notice by now that EVERY girl on every show has the same conversation about how they got pregnant and why they didn't use birth control, then maybe you need to go back to watching Sesame Street! These titles are always so misleading it's ridiculous. 

Jayme... JaymeLeigh

Let's see, I have noticed this show is half fake since it started. How are u just now figuring that out? And why are you giving publicity to things that mature mother's could care less about? I have to see it on tv, why do I want to see it on a parenting site? Stop talking about stupid s***.

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