Kanye West's Extreme Paranoia Could Destroy His Marriage to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

OMG, you guys -- this is really starting to get a little bit out of hand. According to RadarOnline, Kanye West is taking drastic measures to protect North West -- because he's totally freaked out by how much attention she's received, especially due to his recent wedding.

And apparently he's so paranoid about keeping his little girl safe, it's even causing trouble between him and Kim Kardashian. (Surprise, surprise.)

A source close to Kanye says, "Kim and Kanye have been arguing over all of the exposure North got during the wedding. He was frustrated that the baby was in public so much and he wants to make sure that now that all of those festivities are over that she's protected."

Apparently he's even going so far as to seek advice from other celebrity parents on how they keep their A-list kiddos out of harm's way. He just seems convinced that someone is going to try and do something to his daughter, you know, because he and Kim are, like, the most famous parents in the entire world. (Take that Kate and Wills.)

And while it's understandable that Kanye is concerned about North's safety just like any other parent, if he doesn't chill out a bit, he could potentially be setting his marriage up for failure. Duh. Kim is a reality TV star, for crying out loud, so her kid is going to be in the public eye whether he likes it or not. Huh. Maybe he should've thought about that before he went and knocked her up?

It's hard not to wonder if Kanye's fear for North's well-being has less to do with some wacko coming after her and more to do with the fact that he's obviously a major control freak who wants to dictate how every aspect of his and Kim's lives should go.

It's almost like he wants them to live inside a bubble or something -- which is just plain ridiculous, given their place in the Hollywood scene.

Maybe Kanye will settle down as time goes on, especially if he and Kim have any more children. But if not? We can probably count on Kim being a divorcee again at some point down the road.

Do you think Kanye is too paranoid?


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MileyWHO MileyWHO

I present the first in a 12 step program leading to the divorce that KANYE wants. Kim is fine ...he's gone a lot....she is not the 'pretty' sexy girl he thought she was. Look around at the young fresh-faced starlets...HE IS!

Cherr... Cherryflash

He's a douche bag and if Kim knows what's best for her and Nori she'll run and never look back!!

Deja Serenity

lol Kanye West needs to chill out...lololol This is so stupid, sad, and hilarious...No offense, but his daughter will be fine. Partially because they're so rich and famous, if anything happens to her, the entire nation will find out...but I understand protecting the baby from reality tv. people can be so cruel and critical...it wouldn't help North's self-esteem growning up if the world has had access to her every move since she was born.

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