Maksim Chmerkovskiy Finally Admits He Loves Meryl Davis​

Meryl Davis Maksim Chmerkovskiy

We've been drooling over the two of them for weeks on end, and now that Maksim Chmerkovskiy has declared his love for Meryl Davis? Um, we can totally go ahead and start planning their hypothetical wedding in our minds.

Yes ... he really said that he loves her. (I know ... squee!!!!!!)

Ok, so before he admitted it, he kind of made it sound like whatever is going on between them is a showmance. He told Us Weekly, "[The rumors are] always circulating around us dancers. It's fine. That's the nature of what we do. We're always in close proximity to each other. In order to produce what Meryl and I produced, there had to have been so much chemistry, and we had it. And that's what leads people who are not used to that to speculate, which is great. I love that."

But wait -- don't panic just yet.

Maks went on to say, "I love her. I love her! I love her as a person and for what she has allowed me to do with our choreography and how much she's embraced it ... I literally had a perfect partnership with Meryl. Everything just came together."

Ugh! Why don't they just go ahead and declare that they're soul mates and live happily ever after so the rest of us can hang on to a shrivel of hope that true love like that actually exists?!?

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How much more convincing do they need to realize they're meant to be together? I seriously can't take it anymore. If they don't come out publicly as a couple at some point in the near future, I swear I'll just die -- along with plenty of other fans who can't get enough of them.

They HAVE to be dating. They just have to. Anything less than that is way too devastating to consider. A "perfect partnership" only comes along once in a lifetime, and hopefully one of these days, Meryl and Maks will realize that!

Do you think Maks loves Meryl in a romantic way?


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Cindy Wrenn

I am disappointed that they are not a couple. They are so perfect together. Why can't they see that? Wow, talk about being clueless, they both are so clueless. Why can't they see that they are made for each other. They bring out the best in each other. Maks was so different this season. He was a big teddy bear. C'mon guys, why don't you date and see where this romance can go? At least give it a try.

Mark Cox

wasnt he just hooking up with boobs upton?

nonmember avatar Lika

Of course he doesnt love her in "that" way. Its obvious that nothing romantical is going on between them and they are just dance partners, no more. Everything is is a TV PR thing invented to bring in more audience and better ratings. Thats all a showbiz, everything is fake on TV!

nonmember avatar Stella

I love them together, I think that they are a couple. If not, they should be.

Denise Sheridan

Maks said he love her the first day ,wanted to married her,have big Russian baby, time to get real ALL part of the package, we just fell for it

Olga Fiore

he does love her , but not romantically.     he embraced her passion for  dance and they have an amazing relationship.  I dont think her and charlie are romatically envolved, but they are incredible on ice together too....romance would ruin the love they have as dear friends...

nonmember avatar Christy

I believe Maks had a bigger crush on Kirstie,he couldnt stop touching her,I love it,Kirstie is great,so is Maks...really enjoy DWTS.

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